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Kelfecil's Tales

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Kelfecil's Tales is all about strong and deep narrative!

We create stories and adventures inspired by art. We believe that well-designed narratives in TTRPGs can be extremely important if we want to create memorable and meaningful stories. For that reason, we put a lot of effort into designing our adventures, so that you and your players can later leave the table with something that will you find difficult to forget.

Find all of my published content at my interactive gallery-website. Or find me on my Patreon Page.

Side Quests

Bundle 1

Side Quests - Pack 1 - Levels 3/3/5
Side Quests - Pack 2 - Levels 4/8/10
Side Quests - Pack 3 - Levels 3/7/10
Side Quests - Pack 4 - Levels 4/4/4

Bundle 2 - Coming Soon!

Side Quests - Pack 5 - Levels 4/8/8
Side Quests - Pack 6 - Levels 4/4/4
Side Quests - Pack 7 - Levels 2/2/2
Side Quests - Pack 8 - Levels 3/3/3

Side Quests - Pack 9 - Levels 4/4/4

Treasure Hunts

Go on a treasure hunting expedition to find legendary treasures!

Pack #1 - Mask of Chaos and Obelisk of the Sun

Dungeon Tales

The classic dungeon crawl experience!


Dungeon Tales - Bundle #1
Dungeon Tales - Bundle #2
Dungeon Tales - Bundle #3

Level 3

Temple of Ankhet
Dragon Cult Pack + Bounty - Level 8
Duergar Forge Pack + Bounty - Level 8
Haunted Crypt Pack + Bounty - Level 5
Jungle Temple Pack + Bounty - Level 9
Nature's Grasp Pack + Bounty - Level 7

Level 4

Badoren Mine

Level 5

The Lodge Pack + Bounty - Level 8
Spider Infestation Pack + Bounty - Level 6
Necromancer's Lair
Temple of the Basilisk
Ancient Ruins Pack + Bounty - Level 6
Crimson Lair Pack + Bounty - Level 11
Fiendish Ritual Pack + Bounty - Level 18

Level 6

Hydromancer's Lair
Pyromancer's Lair
Aeromancer's Lair
Geomancer's Lair
Deathly Frost Pack + Bounty - Level 6
Lost Tomb Pack + Bounty - Level 10

Level 8

Naga Temple


Rich narrative, roleplay and interesting combat with unique monsters to satisfy every TTRPG need!


Yokai Adventure Bundle


Departed and Forsaken
The Artist

Level 1

Mystery of the Lighthouse
Wizard's Cabin

Level 2

Bone King's Tomb

Level 3

Dragon's Scale
Festival of the Lost
Slime & Dine
Blades of Winter
Way of the Dragon
Innocent Lights

Level 4

Crypts of Isenia
Cleansing of Avethorn
Lost City of Axum
Temple in the Clouds
Desert Delivery
Sinister Secrets
The Stolen Child - A multi-part adventure for level 4 to 6.

Level 5

Toxic Haze
Battle at Ship's End
Moon Warrior
Final Pilgrimage
Noxious Threat
Dark Whispers
Defense of Sirmia

Level 6

A Night's Rest
Trickery of Kitsune
Gilded Leaf
Reliquary of Souls
Endless Depths
Search for the Ring

Level 7

Library of Stars
Lost King
Penumbral Curse
Haunted Quarter

Level 8

Let Void Slumber
Let Void Awaken
Let Void Conquer
Heist at the Academy
Ship's Bounty

Level 10

The Runaway
Fires of Old
Icy Pursuit

Level 11

Death's Rider - Halloween-Themed Adventure

Level 12

Deliverance Lost

Level 13

Assassination at Puyen Shrine

Level 14

Waters of Lethe


Monster Codex: Denizens of Olbia
Monster Codex: The Void, Part 1
Monster Codex: Desert Wanderers