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the Gift
of Gaming.

Ever wanted to share your love of gaming with your friends and family? It's easy! There are several ways you can gift Roll20.

Give Roll20.

You can gift a Plus or Pro subscription to your favorite GM. Premium accounts give special perks including access to new features, direct access to the Dev Team, and more. Plus, Roll20 subscriptions help support the service and fund future development, to make your games even better.

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Give Games.

With the gift of a module, you get a fully planned out campaign, complete with maps, enemy tokens, helpful handouts, and exciting narrative adventures! We have licensed modules from game publishers, as well as independent modules from our Creators.

Bring joy into your GM's life (and yours!) by gifting them art packs, modules & compendiums to use in all your games together.

To send a gift, simply click the PURCHASE button on any product, and select either "A Recent Player" or "By Email" in the "Purchase For" section. Fill out the appropriate information and that content will immediately appear in their account through the power of internet magic!

Crownfall (War for the Crown 1)
by Paizo Inc.
Swords Against The Dead
by Pelgrane Press
Princes of the Apocalypse
by Wizards of the Coast
Tome of Beasts
by Kobold Press
Tyranny of Dragons Bundle
by Wizards of the Coast
Breakfast Cult
by Paul Matijevic
Cat and Mouse
by Kobold Press
Monster Manual
by Wizards of the Coast
Escape the Room: Fantasy Edition
by Paul Camp
Double Dungeons #1
by Kobold Press
Curse of Strahd
by Wizards of the Coast

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Give Content.

The Roll20 Marketplace houses hundreds of beautiful token and map tile packs, great for enhancing your games in Roll20. Give your favorite GM a gorgeous world map, dashing hero tokens, or build-your-own dungeon tiles.

To gift an item, purchase it like you normally would on the Marketplace. On the payment page under Purchase For, you can choose to send the pack to a recent player you've gamed with, or simply enter an email address (be sure to use the same email they use for their Roll20 account).

Choose a great gift from the most popular Marketplace packs:

Modular Dungeon Maker: Genesis Core Set
by MapSmyth
Critical Fail Deck
by Nord Games
Dungeon Blanks 6
by Greg Taylor
Trap-o-Matic I
by Brass Badger Workshop
Fantastic Knights
by Steve Prescott
Game Props Dungeon 2
by David Hemenway
Aaron's Map Tiles: Dungeons & Tombs
by Aaron Z. Arrick
Any Which Way: Map Artwork Basic Set 1
by Arlin Ortiz
Sci Fi Tokens 1
by Naughty Zoot
Portal Packs - Building Essentials - Starships & Spacestations
by Mythic Portal Games
95 - Humanoid Monsters 2
by Devin Night
The Mad Wizard's Prison
by David Hemenway
Critical Pixel Pack 8
by Zeshio
Impossible Tiles Set: Ice dungeon
by Pierluigi Rimini
Save Vs. Cave Wizard's Lair
by Gabriel Pickard
Modular Dungeon Maker: Nekhathon
by MapSmyth

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