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Flee, Mortals!

Author: MCDM Productions

Package: A combination of art and adventure content. More detail on each item is below.

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This Package Includes:

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Our epic 5e monster book contains 339 stat blocks plus new rules for action-oriented creatures, minions, companions, retainers, encounter-building, and more!


If a monster is big enough and bad enough to challenge an entire party on their own, or if it just makes sense for the Queen of the Goblins to be better than a normal Goblin Boss, we make a named, unique, Action-Oriented version of that monster.

This is something we originally developed for the Chain of Acheron. The Black Iron Pact was the first test of this design. It was a success, and we’ve learned a LOT since! Action-Oriented monsters get special Villain Actions that allow them to act when it’s not their turn, and they rely on spells much less.


We love all the classic monsters! Goblins, kobolds, orcs, giants, dragons... We just wish they were more fun to use. Here’s how we’re going to do it:

More Options

Not Just Bags of Hit Points

Not A Big List Of Spells



Look, we don't want to reinvent the wheel here. Any 5E GM should be able to use any monsters in here with a minimum of fuss. But there are a couple of new ideas in here, and some cleaning up of the standard language to make things more straightforward.




Play with Less Prep

In the Roll20 conversion of Flee, Mortals!, you'll find everything in the book and more!

A compendium containing:

An addon containing:
* Nine new environmental battle maps, complete with Doors, Windows, and Dynamic Lighting support (requires plus / pro subscription)!

An art pack containing:
* Hundreds of tokens, in both NPC and PC versions, for every creature and NPC in the book's art, to use in any game!
* Player Art Handouts for nearly every creature in the book!

Accessing your Content

Addon: This product includes an Addon that can be added to any new or existing campaign. On the Game Details page of the desired game, scroll down to the Game Addons section. Select the desired Addon from the dropdown menu and then click add to game. Everything from the Addon will be available next time you enter the game.
Compendium: You can access all of the rules, items, and creatures from this product in the in-app compendium, as well as clicking on "Compendium" where "Buy Now" was located prior to purchasing.
Art Pack: You can access the Art Pack under the Premium Assets section of the Art Library in-app. These assets are only available for in-app use.

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