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Dynamic | Ritual Temple Phased Battle Map

Author: Domille

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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This battle map pack includes 5 different endings to the ritual that takes place in an ancient temple:
1. Open secret door (1 phase)
2. Open secret door + revealed treasure chest (1 phase)
3. Revealed treasure chest only (1 phase)
4. The main chamber of the temple flooding with water (5 phases)
5. The main chamber of the temple being filled with poison gas (5 phases)

Each ending has the same 5-phase starting point:
Phase 1 - main chamber closed off
Phase 2 - the two statues being activated to open the main chamber
Phase 3 - main chamber open
Phase 4 - the guardian's eyes light up in preparation of the ritual activation
Phase 5 - guardian's eyes send out 9 beams to the other statues in the room.

Each phased map is stacked in the order of last to first. In order to activate the next phase of the map, be sure to be on the "Map & Background" layer, then right click the map, and select "To Back". This will show the next layer of the map to the players, progressing their encounter.

The regular Ritual Temple Phased Battle Map can be found here - this will also allow you to preview all the phases. Size of the map is 35x60.

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