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Wild Wild West

Author: Kelfecil's Tales

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

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Narrative Design & Collaboration Organization: Constantine "Kelfecil" Christakis
Author: Philip Alexandris

Wild Wild West

Harnan looked out at the desert below him as his airship soared through the heavens.

There was no wind to speak of - the journey was as calm as it could be. If those conditions held, they would reach Olbia tomorrow evening. “A drink, sir?” One of his butlers said. Harnan nodded, and the man handed him a delicate glass of champagne. It was excellent as always, made all the more sweeter by the thought of all the money he was about to get.

Harnan put a hand at the pocket inside his coat. There, heavy against his body was the diamond he’d only recently found. He’d kept its existence under wraps - he was pretty sure nobody but him knew that he’d found it. His mage contacts in Olbia would pay him a lot of gold for it. And finally, with all that gold, perhaps he could be rid of his troublesome sister. He took another sip of champagne and looked at the glittering sands below. Nothing could go wrong. That was when the airship exploded.

Adventure Summary

A powerful crime lord’s airship has just crashed into the desert. Bounty hunters rush to find him - and the players have to get there first.

Wild Wild West is a 5th Edition D&D adventure that sees the players tasked with retrieving the powerful crime lord Hernan, facing unique bounty hunter foes along the way.

Wild Wild West is a collaboration organized by Kelfecil's Tales! We bring you a pack full of stuff that you can take straight to your table (or your favorite VTT) and enjoy an epic TTRPG adventure with your friends!

This adventure can be adapted to your own campaign, played as a one-shot, or be part of the Starlight Chronicles setting that connects everything made by Kelfecil's Tales.

About this One-Shot Addon

This package includes the following resources:

This adventure can be played at any level by adjusting the number of monsters in it as well as their behavior. It has been made with Roll20 in mind and can therefore run very smoothly on this Virtual TableTop.

Quick Guide



Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select Bug Butchers and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.

Bug and Technical Issue Reporting

If you encounter any bugs or technical issues with this adventure or any of Kelfecil's Tales' adventures on Roll20, visit our Bug Report Page and let us know!

Kelfecil's Tales

With my content, you can be sure you are always getting something very "handmade" and authentic since I am but one person who is working non-stop to create awesome stories and narratives for you and your friends to enjoy.

There are no big marketing agencies behind my projects, or youtube influencers to boost the metrics of my releases. My team and I rely on the genuine value, unique ideas and original concepts that our content brings in order to make our work known and be able to continue doing what we love to do. All the projects I create and all the releases I make are extremely personal since I strive to make Kelfecil's Tales a team with a few people who can express themselves creatively in the ways they prefer to do so. We literally made a 500+ pages book with only two hard-working writers, a couple of amazing artists and a lot of inspiration and love for the hobby.

If you would like to support what I do, then check out my website which has links to all the awesome things I have published and things that I am planning to create!

Thank you as always for your support in what I do.
May Starlight guide your way my friends.

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