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Victor Nedelchev

Who am I?

A content creator, graphic designer and an amateur game developer.
I also like to call my self a creative DM. I really like D&D and play it regularly but I also love the role-playing version of Warhammer40k. I make tokens and map assets for you to use in making your own maps.

My stuff

From Grim Dark science fiction police officers, to high fantasy jungle explorers, I'm sure you'll find something you like.I have a nice blend of science fiction and fantasy tokens, as well as some packs that are useful for creating maps.
My art stile is a little cartoony but it isn't super abstract either. I like to keep things clean, colorful and add just the right amount of detail.

Do I do Commissions?

M-maybe? Contact me on Social media if you wanna discuss it.

What am I doing?

I'm DMing the newly re-released Tyranny of Dragons on Roll20. Players had a blast in session zero. I'm also working on Jungle set number 3, a yet to be named Dragons related set, some Space Elves maybe. If you look at the big image currently on display you can see the token set that is the closest to completion.


If you like my tokens and want to talk to me or play a game together I have a twitter account that I encourage you to follow.

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