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Victor Nedelchev

Looking for some colorful tokens?

From Grim Dark science fiction police officers, to high fantasy jungle explorers, I'm sure you'll find something you like.I have a nice blend of science fiction and fantasy tokens, as well as some packs that are useful for creating maps.
My art stile is a little cartoony but it isn't super abstract either. I like to keep things clean, colorful and add just the right amount of detail. I hope that you can use my art to enhance your experience playing on this awesome platform.

If you like my tokens and want to see more or tell me about it, I have a twitter account that I encourage you to follow.
It makes me happy to see that people are interested in what I do and it has been awesome to earn just enough money from sales to sustain my hobby and buy more books or dice. I never seem to have enough and am afraid that one day there will be an avalanche of dice that will probably kill me...send help.

My new token set is out now. Its called Stareme, a combination of the words Star and Bireme. Yes it is yet another love letter to Spelljammer, but it is also a Hellenistic inspired token set. March is an important month for the Greeks, because the 25th is my second home Nation's Independence day.
Sure, okay, ancient warriors and heroes are not the same as revolutionaries but I hope you'll appreciate the beauty of the culture.

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