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Mammoth Factory

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Welcome to Mammoth Factory Games!
We make make high-quality, playtested 5e adventures!

Every adventure contains custom painted tokens, a fantasy themed storyline, fearsome monster playtested statblocks, exciting combat encounters with dynamic lighting battlemaps, lore packed NPC cards, alternate endings and more!

The adventures are designed to be played over 4-6 sessions and they can easily be plugged into your campaigns!

We write and playtest ALL of our own content ourselves!

We believe in great games with great stories and we put our heart and soul into these products that we love.

🍄 One line adventure summaries, themes & levels.

🎲 Curse of the Skinwalkers (lvl 4)
Werewolves with a twist, locked in a tavern with no escape, they keep on coming

🎲 Infernal Forges (lvl 5)
Infernal blacksmiths, under-dark, automaton army, infiltration, lava

🎲 Voidstalkers (lvl 6)
Plane hopping, eldritch planeshifters, save a celestial, lost far from home

🎲 Dragons of the Immortal Flame (lvl 7)
Conquered land, extracting a hero behind enemy lines, radiant lawful good religious dragons

🎲 The Sprawl (lvl 8)
The forest fights back, ancient spirits, rival party, save the city, become one with nature

🎲 Everdune - Wrath of the Ekrothari (lvl 9)
Worm riders, mythical life giving eggs, sand tsunamis, brutal survival - count your waterskins

🎲 Temple of Time (lvl 10)
Die over and over, dungeoncrawl with a twist, must die to progress, challenge of champions

🎲 Bloodlords of the Deep (lvl 11)
Underwater vampires, ancient aboleth, misted isles, celestial twins, mystery.