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Saurian Isles

Author: Mammoth Factory

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $12.99

Saurian Isles

Long ago, the dragonlord Ghaundal terrorized the realms of mortals, his endless greed driving him to seek out ever-greater plunder for his hoard. Said to have been rendered deathless by the power of one of the many artifacts he had stolen over the long years of his life, Ghaundal feared no power the kingdoms of those days could muster – but, though much sacrifice, three of the long-lost civilizations banded together to defeat the dragon. Unable to kill him, they sealed him away in his own treasure vault, hoping that the world would forget him.

Their hopes were ultimately in vain. Stories of Ghaundal’s legendary hoard circle the world over, and in recent days rumors have surfaced that his treasure can be found upon the far-flung Aoatan Isles, a series of rocky, thinly-forested islands many miles from the eastern coast. The characters have been assembled by a wealthy sponsor to investigate these rumors.

Their mission will not be a simple one. The Isles are infested with basilisks, and pale, subterranean lizardfolk stalk the caves that twist and wind under their shores. And beneath them all, Ghaundal still lives, slumbering beneath his mountains of gold and dreaming of the day that careless hands unseal the gates of his prison…

Saurian Isles can be run as a single adventure, or Part V in the Hoard of Ghaundal campaign, an overarching story-arc that spans across 6 smaller adventures.

This adventure is designed for four to five 8th-level characters.

Quick Guide

System: D&D 5e
Format: Island/Under-Dark Adventure
Recommended Average Party Level: 8
Length: Short Arc (3-4 Sessions) or Part 5 of a Campaign (18-24 Sessions)


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