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Fantastic Adventures Bundle - Volume 2

Author: Elven Tower Adventures

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

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Bundle Price: $61.52

This Bundle Includes:

Fantastic Adventures Vol. 2

By: Elven Tower

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10 Epic One-Shots!

This bundle contains ten 5e one-shots for three to six characters from 3rd to 8th level. These adventures can easily be placed in any campaign setting. They aren't interconnected. They are meant to be played as independent one-shots of one or two sessions. They should take no longer than five to eight hours.


The following list contains the ten one-shot adventures included in this bundle:

1. Exploration of Willow Castle (Level 7) -- Augustus Willow made a pact with an evil being. In exchange for a long and healthy life full of luxury, his relatives born years after paid the price with their souls. Now the castle is full with restless undead who want nothing but revenge. Augustus Willow is part of the many dead too...

2. Fury of the Snakefolk (Level 8) -- A researcher named Alison Mitech delved too deep into ancient snakefolk secrets. She found the Emerald Crown, which turned her into a scaly monster and the new god-like idol of her new snakefolk followers. Stephanie Kor, a capable wizard, is Alison's friend; she is looking for more heroes to help her!

3. Blade of Fire (Level 5) -- Glen Kyte is a jaded knight whose motto is "The end justifies the means". Kicked from his order, he traveled the world and one day learned about the Velvens, elvish ancestors and the creators of the Blade of Fire. Consumed by ambition, he didn't rest until he found it. Glen becomes a real threat with that power.  

4. Of Dryads and Men (Level 3) -- An evil dryad named Nonakrysa is tired of being tied to her tree. With the power of the Mask of Omu, she runs free to do as she desires. Her ultimate goal is to return to the Woodlands, and for that, she needed the lives of several people. Interestingly, all fingers point at Rudolph, a common innkeeper.

5. Webs of Hatred (Level 3) -- The small town of Loggerton is under constant attacks from small armies of spiders. Frederic La Croix has called for help. He suspects there must be something behind the spiders' unusual behavior. He is not wrong. The spiders are rallied by a horrible drider, formerly known as Ylse N'yara. She was a foolish drow who challenged her maker, the Queen of Spiders, and was chastised for it.

6. Dance of Pales (Level 4) -- The dead in the mausoleums at the cemetery of the city of Barrendale are having a ball. They ignore the reason of their awakening. But Princess Diana Namallo, a ghost, claims she is soon to be married to Lord Carlsven. Little does she remember of the reason of her death. Betrayed by her husband-to-be, she died the day of her wedding. She is about to relive the tragedy...

7. Hidden Dragon (Level 5) -- The spirit of the forest north of Foamrock City is the guardian of many fey creatures but it is dying due to the evil doings of a coven of witches. The future of the whole forest and the integrity of the city are in jeopardy.

8. Living on a Prayer (Level 6) -- Arthur Stevens, a holy man, fell into temptation and accepted the power and help of a demon. Corrupted to the heart, Arthur created the Obsidian Cult in the House of the Obsidian Masks. It is too close to the city and innocent people have been affected. Furthermore, Arthur was a beloved priest and lots of people are looking for him. Can he be saved or is he beyond any help? 

9. Sympathy for the Devil (Level 3) -- A healer from the region named Daniel Sands felt frustrated. He wanted the true power to cure. Yal, a clever devil, offered him what he wanted, but he had to allow the devil to possess him. He can cure ailment now. But the people he heals become Yal's followers as well. Who has the heart to stop this man?

10. Rolling in the Deep (Level 4) --  Green Shore Hamlet was the target of a sahuagin attack. The angry fishfolk even kidnapped some people. This unusual, aggressive behavior is due to an otherworldly being named Targul. The sahuagin found it in their submerged lair. They venerate it and obey its every command.


As an Elven Tower product, each one-shot includes the following features and benefits:

- Original Artwork. Elven Tower-brand products include their own original artwork for maps, tokens, and handouts.
- Professional Cartography. All maps are provided by Elven Tower Cartography. Please enjoy the Roll-20 adapted versions of our adventures.
- Pre-generated Characters. Joseph Humble (fighter), Lilia Whiteheart (wizard), Finneas Lightfoot (cleric), and Jonas Viggo (rogue). The four of them have character sheets for each of their corresponding levels linked to their tokens.
- One-Click Macros. Run faster combat sessions with one click macros. Simply select a token and watch as macros for core features pop up. The macros auto roll initiative, skill checks, and saving throws. Take advantage of our Dice Roller macro for double-dice rolls and a Dice Query.
- Endless Customization Options. Thanks to their adaptable nature, these adventures can fit almost any campaign setting.
- Dynamic Lighting. All map-pages of this product have been optimized with Dynamic Lighting features, wall delimitation, and removable doors. Tokens for light sources (dim, regular, sunlight) are also included (requires plus/pro subscription).

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Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 3
Length: 5-8 hours (each)
Installation: Add-On
Sheet: D&D 5e by Roll20


Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select this product and click on the blue Add to Game sign beside the drop-down menu.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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