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Fantastic Adventures Bundle - Volume 3

Author: Elven Tower Adventures

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

List Price: $37.95
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Bundle Price: $30.36

This Bundle Includes:

Fantastic Adventures Vol. 3

By: Elven Tower

5 Epic One-Shots!

This bundle contains five 5e one-shots for three to six characters from 6th to 10th level. These adventures can easily be placed in any campaign setting. They aren't interconnected. They are meant to be played as independent one-shots of one or two sessions. They should take no longer than five to eight hours.


The following list contains the titles of the ten one-shot adventures included in this bundle:

1. Dust in the Wind (Level 10) -- An oasis called Greenrock Village is at the brink of collapse in Crimson Desert. The locals are terrified of the Sand Rider of Death. That is the name of the huge sand formation that has made many of them disappear. The person responsible is the Ashen Witch, but commonfolk ignore this. It is up to a group of heroes to track the culprit to her lair and discover what happened to the missing people.
2. Die with your Boots On (Level 6) -- Princess Melda fled her home in a fit of rage. She hid in Bloodpeak Castle, one of her family's properties in the land. However, she ignores that a great band of orcs from the area noticed her presence. Their leader plans a raid to kidnap her. The king ordered Sir Galadius, one of his best knights, to save his daughter. However, none of them would refuse the help of strong warriors.
3. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Level 7) -- Vallarg Vik is the leader of a dwarf faction. After decades of treasure-seeking, he and his men stumbled upon an underground compound where they found the Crown of the Mountain King. Vallarg became an evil, corrupted version of himself and the crown's ancient magic possessed him and the other dwarves. The people of the Great Desert cannot fight back the strong, armor-clad dwarven warriors. Someone must help them!
4. Curse of the Eternal Undead (Level 7) -- A pyramid in the middle of the jungle is the source of scores of undead that ravage the land. A snakefolk man retrieved the Dagger of Lost Souls from the dungeon within the pyramid. He is the one summoning the dead. Jaquen D'Laria, a local guide and former adventurer, joins the fight to stop this!
5. The Fabled Sword (Level 10) -- Sir Helena Abrax, a holy warrior, had a hero's death many decades ago. Her magic sword, Holy Judgment, still wishes to fight the forces of evil. Whoever comes to the paladin's resting place must prove themselves worthy of wielding this powerful sword. The former knight won't let go of her sword easily.


As an Elven Tower product, each one-shot includes the following features and benefits:

- Original Artwork. Elven Tower-brand products include their own original artwork for maps, tokens, and handouts.
- Professional Cartography. All maps are provided by Elven Tower Cartography. Please enjoy the Roll-20 adapted versions of our adventures.
- Pre-generated Characters. Joseph Humble (fighter), Lilia Whiteheart (wizard), Finneas Lightfoot (cleric), and Jonas Viggo (rogue). The four of them have character sheets for each of their corresponding levels linked to their tokens.
- One-Click Macros. Run faster combat sessions with one click macros. Simply select a token and watch as macros for core features pop up. The macros auto roll initiative, skill checks, and saving throws. Take advantage of our Dice Roller macro for double-dice rolls and a Dice Query.
- Endless Customization Options. Thanks to their adaptable nature, these adventures can fit almost any campaign setting.
- Dynamic Lighting. All map-pages of this product have been optimized with Dynamic Lighting features, wall delimitation, and removable doors. Tokens for light sources (dim, regular, sunlight) are also included (requires plus/pro subscription).

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Quick Guide

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 6
Length: 5-8 hours (each)
Installation: Add-On
Sheet: D&D 5e by Roll20


Install this Add-On via the dropdown menu in the Game Addons section of the Game Details Page. Select this product and click on the blue Add to Game button beside the drop-down menu.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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