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MDT 5E: Level 9 Adventures

Author: AAW Games

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $7.99

8 Mini Adventures for Level 9 Heroes

From the depths of the darkest dungeons to primal dangers of the untamed wilderness, these adventures bind ancient mysteries, forgotten lore, and the allure of epic quests. Adventurers will explore realms unknown, face deadly foes, and discover tantalizing treasures and magnificent artifacts.

AAW Games brings you this collection of 8 complete and ready-to-run scenarios designed especially for discerning Game Masters who want exciting adventures and need them now. Begin the next chapter of your campaign!

Themed and organized for convenience, the Mini-Dungeon Tome for Level 9 PCs provides setting-neutral fantasy adventures suitable for parties at level 9. With all reference material included, this add-on holds everything you for hours of adventuring.

Offering contributions from all-star authors and game designers, the Mini-Dungeon Tome for Roll20 is the series you have been searching for. Always have a new adventure at the ready and test the mettle of even the most experienced players!

The following adventures are included in this add-on:

The Gallery of Gears

by Jonathan Ely for 4 heroes at level 9

For more than eighty years, the foul summoner Vlexigorn has travelled the lands of his birth, binding demons to complete foul deeds in his name. Corrupt in both body and soul, bearing the corrupted bloodline of the Abyss, Vlexigorn enjoyed nothing more than binding his own foul cousins to his will, in order to advance his own foul ambitions, and then destroying them once their use was at an end.

Mightily despised by many denizens of the Abyss, Vlexigorn's many enemies struck a secret bargain with the archmage Lanthanus of the Rhodium Order. Paying a small fortune in souls and precious metals in advance, Lanthanus began employing a network of spies to search for Vlexigorn. His success was limited – until recently.

Awakening the Elder

by Michael Holland for 4 heroes at level 9

Led by a madman named Zarik, a group of cultists, mercenaries, and other foul creatures have invaded the Temple of Treania. The temple is devoted to Treania, the goddess of waters, and her four divine children, Androsi, Bacturza, Nestaraphine, and Philinepos. The intent of the cultists is to perform a ritual which will summon Kehazhoth, a kraken, who will consume the divine power within the temple and become a dark god. Some of Treania's clergy escaped and sought the aid of the adventurers, although they do not know the cultist's purpose.

The Unreachable Terror

by Justin Andrew Mason for 4-6 heroes at level 9-10

Denizens of the island village of Unreach are being afflicted by a terrible disease called cackle fever, and many have already died. The unknown source of this curse is a coven of three night hags, one in hiding among the villagers, who have taken to the remote island to enslave the souls of its stranded inhabitants – easy pickings when the few vessels that visit the isle can be weeks or months apart.

I'll Yet Plague Both Your Houses

by Stephen Yeardley for 4-6 heroes at level 9-10

The Underworld houses strange and unpleasant communities, and the ruins of two temple complexes are a perfect example of religious hubris coming before a fall.

Two traditions devoted to bloody sacrifice and unwilling death—one lawful, one chaotic—found this remote cavern an ideal place to practice their beliefs and constant, petty one-upmanship, far from interfering do-gooders. But a malignantly wicked elf, devoid of distraction from his evil intent, played the followers against each other until all were slaughtered.

Snowblind Sanctuary

by Justin Andrew Mason for 4-6 heroes at level 9-10

Whilst traveling near the mountains and seeking shelter from a relentless blizzard, the adventurers discover a tunnel carved into the mountainside. The tunnel leads to an abandoned shrine built by an ancient sect of Vikmordere shieldmaidens, who formed a cult worshiping a mysterious wintery spirit.

The Soul of a Prince

by Rory Toma for 4 heroes at level 9-11

The party is sent to retrieve the soul of Prince Remlek, which has been located in a hidden underground complex, accessible from the sewers. The prince's soul is in the possession of a night hag, who has become trapped underground. Since she has lost the magic stone that allows her to return to her home plane, the hag has set up some defenses underground in the hopes of being left alone long enough to create a new one.

Lauron's Tomb

by Jonathan G. Nelson for 6 heroes at level 9-11

Over a millennium ago, a powerful aristocratic vampire named Lauron held sway over much of the land. His people both loved and feared him, for he made the country strong and prosperous through forging pacts with neighboring lands whilst declaring war and conquering others, thus ensuring both the acquisition and control of natural resources, and subsequent wealth.

As the centuries rolled by, bordering kingdoms banded together to take back those lands and resources and thus Lauron's empire began to fall. Embittered, he withdrew into his secluded retreat, a crypt hidden in an ancient hillside near a great stone monolith, and sulked for centuries, emerging only to slake his appetite for the blood of mortals. Now recent rumors have described undead wandering the roads and gathering at the monolith every full moon. Soon after the rumors surfaced, travelers began to go missing. Guards sent to investigate did not return, alas. So, the local village reaches out to the PCs for help.

Unjust Deserts

by Stephen Yeardley for 5-6 heroes at level 9-11

Visiting a desert-edge city, the PCs hear of a dig taking place at recently revealed ruins a dozen miles away. They've missed most of the excitement but are asked to go and help the wazir's daughter, a keen archaeologist, because of their superior experience. With the words, "Keep her safe," he gives a hand crossbow and 3 packs of bolts to any PC able to use them. Reaching the busy site, the PCs are sent to a smaller tomb some distance from the main discovery. The young woman was working there, with help, but hasn't been seen for a couple of days. The PCs find they have to fight their way in to find her, and then back out to safety!

The Roll20 version of MDT 5E: Level 9 Adventures includes the entire content of these 5e adventures, fully integrated into the platform. Included in the Roll20 version:

This adventure will work as an Addon:

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