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The Fall Of Mith: Mithos Manor

Author: Tim P. GMing $4.99

The Fall of Mith: Mithos Manor:

Is the first in a series of adventures that will be turned into the entirety of the Fall of Mith campaign. It will be made up of probably 5 or 6 smaller adventures released as one-shots.

Mithos Manor:

Mithor Manor itself is a three to four session adventure taking place in the Mithos Manor (obviously.) It's designed for four level five adventurers to partake in. It has three story hooks so it can be dropped in anywhere. The manor itself consists of four floors, with fully populated maps for each floor, starting at 230x115 in-game feet (46x23 squares,) and ending at 195x95 feet (39x19 squares.) Packed full of all kinds of goodies, look below for the breakdown.

The opening of the adventure is a large social party for the players to get to know and interact with the major NPCs. After that, the manor is attacked in the night, and the players must respond appropriately. The outcome of the adventure relies heavily on the intervention of the party. It can end in utter defeat and the overrunning of the manor, a valiant but costly victory, or an outstanding victory with the players and NPCs able to best the invading monsters.

Quick Glance:

System: D&D 5E
Starting Level: 5
Length: Short Campaign (2-5 sessions)
Installation Type: Addon

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