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Ready Made Maps: Achilles Cave

Author: Chibbin Grove

Addon: Content which can be added into any game - new or existing!

Price: $4.99
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Hey folks!

Chibbin Grove presents another set in the Ready Made Maps Series: Achilles Cave.
Included in this addon is a forest with a cave entrance, leading down to an underground level. Both of these maps are built with Dynamic Lighting.
Includes animated sparkling effects on the cave minerals.

Achilles Cave is a widely-known dwelling of a local legend. The hero of this legend, when he was old of age and his affliction had finally gotten the best of him, is said to have retreated to this cave so others would not learn of his weakness.
Today, veteran travellers of this wilderness will tell you to steer clear of this cave as they say that deep within it is a subterranean radiation of energy that weakens and subdues anyone foolish enough to not heed these warnings.
However, there is always a fool's hope in one's constitution and if you can pass this feat of physical virility you could be rewarded with an ore that is highly valued by any metallurgist or craftsman (though they would have to be able to harness the radiation it contains).

Map Dimensions:
2800x4900px - 20x35 @ 140x140 pixels per square

If you like this map, we also have more in this series;
- Thoth's Trail & Lysander Crypt, a solitary shack on a woodland trail, containing a trap door that leads to a vampiric crypt below.
- Santos Bastion, a coastal fortification.
- Gwyrdd Dungeon, a forest dungeon easy to get lost in.
- Gemanon Street, an urban street where two duelling stores and interesting citizens reside.
- The Von Dann Family Crypt, an underground vampire lair with gruesome features and hidden treasure caches.
- Halls Of The Menasheh, a collection of underground dungeons.

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