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Ready Made Maps: Cave Bundle

Author: Chibbin Grove

Bundle: A combination of content. Prices are discounted based on what you already own. More detail on each item is below.

List Price: $24.95
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Bundle Price: $19.96

This Bundle Includes:

Hey folks!

Chibbin Grove presents the Ready Made Maps: Cave Bundle.
Includes 5 of our Ready Made Maps add-ons, all in a cave setting and built with Dynamic Lighting.


Map previews

Dunning-Kruger Cave - 50x50

Includes 2 map variants.

Dunning-Kruger Cave is a recently resurveyed cave under the city of Tera Wall.
The first conductor of this cave stated that the large subterranean pathways would never flood and that it should be freely open to tourists.
However, as guests began to pour into the cave, the conductor foolishly ignored the moisture that could be seen dripping along the cave walls.
After several months of ignorant defiance, the cave conductor and several of his upper echelon lackies lost their lives as the cave roof gave way, releasing an onslaught of watery retribution.
A second survey later took place after this unpleasant event and surely enough, evidence of a yearly flood, flushing out the stonework, was found.
Though the cave is closed to the public 6 months out of the year to allow for the subterranean flooding to take its course, tourists still venture down to marvel at the stonework and unusual fauna growing so far below.

Achilles Cave - 20x35

Includes 2 cave levels.

Achilles Cave is a widely-known dwelling of a local legend. The hero of this legend, when he was old of age and his affliction had finally gotten the best of him, is said to have retreated to this cave so others would not learn of his weakness.
Today, veteran travellers of this wilderness will tell you to steer clear of this cave as they say that deep within it is a subterranean radiation of energy that weakens and subdues anyone foolish enough to not heed these warnings.
However, there is always a fool's hope in one's constitution and if you can pass this feat of physical virility you could be rewarded with an ore that is highly valued by any metallurgist or craftsman (though they would have to be able to harness the radiation it contains).

Map previews

Rambull Caves - 25x35 & 24x36

Includes 3 unique cave maps.

The minerals deposited in the Rambull caves are known throughout the region, making these locations popular destinations for journeymen and prospectors alike. This also attracts the fancy of some unsavoury sorts. It is not uncommon for those wishing to come for the deposits in the Rambull caves to be accompanied by an armed force for protection, since even though the caves are notoriously known for being difficult to extract from, it is even more difficult to transport minerals out of the caves without some kind of aggressive interference.
Once a year, the minerals within the caves shimmer like gold, making them extremely easy to be located. This occurs when the Ram and the Bull in the sky are transitioning from one to the other.

Coven Cave - 40x40 & 80x80

Includes 3 cave levels.

Coven Cave is home to a trio of witches, known to terrorise nearby villages. Guarded by a warning to 'Leave' and cunning traps at its entrance, the cave conceals many secrets within its labyrinthine walls.
Flickering candles illuminate sacred rituals, and ancient incantations echo throughout the stone corridors, causing many an adventurer to turn tail and flee toward the way they came. Whether any have ever managed to successfully escape is still to be seen.

Haawit Cave - 30x30

Includes 2 cave levels and an underground dungeon.

Haawit Cave is a multi-level complex with many secrets laying beneath the surface. Venture deep enough and one will find an ancient dungeon, where daunting trials guard long-forgotten treasures.

Map previews


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Map previews

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