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Random Chapter Set 1

Author: Russ Hapke $5.99

Random chapters combines and Old World Style world view map and several location encounter maps for your adventure party. Play as random chapters, or link the encounters together. included with the world map are several flag location markers, pre-set with auras for easy placement. Two versions of the world map are available - with and without location banners. Encounter maps include & based on a 140x140 per square grid with dynamic lighting enabled on all; Relic and Ruins 25x25 map; The Druid's Grove 40x40 encounter map; Caves 7 Crystals 40x40 encounter map; and Ambush Pass 40x80 encounter map. GMs will note the inclusion of an extra page containing alternate overlays and pieces for their adventurers. We hope you enjoy and look forward to creating the next set of Random Chapters!

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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