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Chibbin Grove: Enduring Wounds

Author: Chibbin Grove $4.99

What is Enduring Wounds?

Enduring Wounds adds a level of risk for falling unconscious in battle. The system takes inspiration from the Lingering Wounds rules found in the Dungeon Master's Guide (P.272).

When to Draw from the Deck

Once a party member has been reduced to 0 hit points, take note of the damage type that delivered the final blow to the player. Draw a card and compare the damage type with the designated damage type icon on the card. This will give you the Enduring Wound the player receives.

Upon doing so, continue with the game, rolling for death saving throws etc.

Tiers of cards

There are 4 different tiers of cards that may possibly be drawn

Tier 1 Minor Wounds (Probability: 50%)
Tier 2 Major Wounds (Probability: 30%)
Tier 3 Severe Wounds (Probability: 15%)
Tier 4 Mythic Wounds (Probability: 5%)

Each card also indicates the means for curing the effects through icons.

A description for every damage and cure icon is given via handouts.


Chibbin Grove creates battle-maps and add on's for all kinds of different role playing games. If you wish to contact Chibbin Grove you can find him in the following links.

Emails -

Twitter - @ChibbinGrove

Instagram - @ChibbinGrove

Patreon -

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