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Cyberpunk Portraits Vol. 5

Author: Sunset Industries $4.99 USD

In this latest edition of Cyberpunk Portraits you'll find an assortment of mysterious strangers and primer runners like cyborg fixers, covert operatives, AI intermediaries and tiny drone bots that'll breathe life into your next campaign!

Each token comes in an indoor/outdoor variant (560px) and a small face portrait (280px) so you won't have to hop into the editor (unless you want to!) They can be used as NPCs or PCs and are highly visible even at 70px.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM here on Roll20 or find me on Twitter too here.

60 Items Included in Cyberpunk Portraits Vol. 5

01 Covert Ops A

covert ranger soldier

01 Covert Ops B

enforcer soldier military

01 Covert Ops Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

02 Cyrus A

contact veteran elderly

02 Cyrus B

cyborg captain boss

02 Cyrus Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk portrait

03 Ghoul A

organlegger ghoul monster

03 Ghoul B

nonhuman inhuman zombie

03 Ghoul Portrait

cursed ghoul zombie

04 Informant A

lookout drifter homeless

04 Informant B

snitch contact veteran

04 Informant Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk modern

05 Hacker A

hacker ork orc

05 Hacker B

netrunner decker hacker

05 Hacker Portrait

decker shadowrun cyberpunk

06 Enforcer A

bouncer enforcer bodyguard

06 Enforcer B

corporate soldier military

06 Enforcer Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

07 Drone Rigger A

bot datajack rigger

07 Drone Rigger B

metahuman drone dwarf

07 Drone Rigger Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

08 The Interlocutor A

bot cyborg robot

08 The Interlocutor B

cyborg ai robot

08 The Interlocutor Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

09 Police Officer A

officer cop police

09 Police Officer B

corporate security policeman

09 Police Officer Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

10 Media Paparazzi A

paparazzi cameraman media

10 Media Paparazzi B

elderly male human

10 Media Paparazzi Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

11 Socialite A

elven portrait elf

11 Socialite B

model hipster socialite

11 Socialite Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

12 Street Punk A

connect contact hacker

12 Street Punk B

african kid black

12 Street Punk Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

13 Candy Skull Girl A

halloween cyberpunk mask

13 Candy Skull Girl B

candy skull shadowrun cyberpunk

13 Candy Skull Girl Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

14 Halloweener A

ganger gang punk

14 Halloweener B

teen kid male

14 Halloweener Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

15 Bounty Hunter A

bounty hunter detective gunslinger

15 Bounty Hunter B

hired gun investigator asian

15 Bounty Hunter Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

16 Ork Shortorder Cook A

urban fantasy modern

16 Ork Shortorder Cook B

fangs ork male

16 Ork Shortorder Cook Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

17 Club Goer A

clubber civilian human

17 Club Goer B

african black female

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