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Cyberpunk Portraits Vol. 4

Author: Sunset Industries $4.99 USD

In this special iteration of Cyberpunk Portraits you'll find cyberpunk plague doctors, black market surgeons, classic deckers, henchman, otaku idol worshipers, protesters and more to bring flavor to your next campaign!

Each token comes in an indoor/outdoor variant (560px) and a small face portrait (280px) so you won't have to hop into the editor (unless you want to!) They can be used as NPCs or PCs and are highly visible even at 70px.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM here on Roll20 or find me on Twitter too!

60 Items Included in Cyberpunk Portraits Vol. 4

01 Beat Cop A

officer cop security

01 Beat Cop B

lieutenant sheriff policeman

01 Beat Cop Portrait

enforcer captain soldier

02 Black Clinic Cybersurgeon A

doc doctor npc

02 Black Clinic Cybersurgeon B

sawbones doc medic

02 Black Clinic Cybersurgeon Portrait

cyberpunk portrait scifi

03 Black Clinic Cybersurgeon A

physician female human

03 Black Clinic Cybersurgeon B

emergency doctor medical

03 Black Clinic Cybersurgeon Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

04 Street Doc A

emt health tech

04 Street Doc B

street doc medic elf

04 Street Doc Portrait

shadowrun fantasy scifi

05 Cyborg Medic A

cyborg human robot

05 Cyborg Medic B

surgeon nurse doctor

05 Cyborg Medic Portrait

cyberpunk portrait scifi

06 Security Guard A

cop police human

06 Security Guard B

lieutenant deputy grunt

06 Security Guard Portrait

noir shadowrun cyberpunk

07 Decker A

netrunner nerd geek

07 Decker B

decker hacker technician

07 Decker Portrait

netrunner portrait token

08 Hipster A

informant hipster socialite

08 Hipster B

artist npc punk

08 Hipster Portrait

blogger snitch fixer

09 Technomage A

hacker wizard mage

09 Technomage B

african black female

09 Technomage Portrait

johnson hacker cyborg

10 Henchman A

underwolrd yakuza henchman

10 Henchman B

grunt asian bodyguard

10 Henchman Portrait

mister fixer gangster

11 Mr. Johnson A

fixer shadowrun veteran

11 Mr. Johnson B

african cyberpunk black

11 Mr. Johnson Portrait

contact smuggler woman

12 Otaku Brawler A

shadowrun japanese cyberpunk

12 Otaku Brawler B

adept npc fighter

12 Otaku Brawler Portrait

shadowrun asian cyberpunk

13 Fixer B

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

13 Fixer Portrait A

cyberpunk portrait scifi

13 Fixer Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

14 Information Broker A

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

14 Information Broker B

shadowrun cyberpunk scifi

14 Information Broker Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk

15 Plague Doctor A

healer medic doctor

15 Plague Doctor B

healer medic doctor

15 Plague Doctor Portrait

plague doctor cyborg cyberpunk

16 Police Officer A

cop security police

16 Police Officer B

lieutenant sergeant officer

16 Police Officer Portrait

shadowrun cyberpunk human

17 Protestor A

npc portrait token

17 Protestor B

oeprative protestor rioter

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