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Cyberpunk Portraits Vol. 1

Author: Sunset Industries $4.99 USD

Have you been hankering to get a game going but everywhere you turn you find portrait packs full of magical orks, dwarves and elves and such? They look great, but you're running a hard scifi game and you just need humans!

If so, this pack is for you!

In the pack below you'll find 21 front-facing characters, each with an indoor/outdoor variant (560px) and a handy face crop (280px) so you won't waste time in the editor (unless you want to!) Inside you'll find several cops, fixers, hackers, doctors, friendly neighborhood smugglers and more that can be added to your games as background, contacts, and even used as PCs too!

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM here on Roll20 or come find me on Twitter.

63 Items Included in Cyberpunk Portraits Vol. 1

01 Beat Cop A

lieutenant sheriff policeman

01 Beat Cop B

patrol enforcer security

01 Beat Cop Portrait

peacekeeper cop male

02 Police Officer A

peacekeeper cop male

02 Police Officer B

beatcop lonestar cop

02 Police Officer Portrait

swat grunt captain

03 Detective A

johnson detective boss

03 Detective B

corporate investigator security

03 Detective Portrait

detective investigator police

04 Covert Ops A

officer cop security

04 Covert Ops B

corporate riot beat

04 Covert Ops Portrait

major private captain

05 Street Surgeon A

physician doc medic

05 Street Surgeon B

healer doctor cyborg

05 Street Surgeon Portrait

surgeon nurse medic

06 Corporate Face A

johnson fixer smuggler

06 Corporate Face B

cyberpunk female

06 Corporate Face Portrait

portrait female token

07 Decker A

shadowrun portrait female

07 Decker B

rep contact hipster

07 Decker Portrait

decker hacker cyberpunk

08 Drone Rigger A

decker hacker cyberpunk

08 Drone Rigger B

coder netrunner

08 Drone Rigger Portrait

operator geek rigger

09 Hacker A

programmer coder specialist

09 Hacker B

nomads solo techie

09 Hacker Portrait

netrunner decker hacker

10 Drone Rigger A

hacker drone rigger

10 Drone Rigger B

drone cyberpunk scifi

10 Drone Rigger Portrait

vr rigger female

11 VR Addict A

gamer vr helmet

11 VR Addict B

pedestrian ganger punk

11 VR Addict Portrait

neon cyberpunk sci-fi

12 Ecstatic Smuggler A

12 Ecstatic Smuggler B

12 Ecstatic Smuggler Portrait

13 Ganger A

ganger smuggler mechanic

13 Ganger B

procurer johnson fence

13 Ganger Portrait

hipster tattoo male

14 Geisha A

hostess face fence

14 Geisha B

geiko girl female

14 Geisha Portrait

entertainer geisha woman

15 Street Chemist A

cardshark ganger criminal

15 Street Chemist B

cartel crimelord civilian

15 Street Chemist PortraitRegular Guy 1 (5)

hench fist underworld

16 Netrunner A

african cyber black

16 Netrunner B

cyborg retro male

16 Netrunner Portrait

netrunner hacker male

17 Fixer A

johnson fixer face

17 Fixer B

hijab muslina muslim

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