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A Pack of Foes

Author: Kevin Campbell $4.99

30 Items Included in A Pack of Foes

Hungry Eye

impending vicious glowing fantasy token

Black Widow

eight poison arachnid legs spider fantasy token


cherub angel holy fantasy token


unholy goat beast lizard heads monster fantasy token

Deep One

powerful digging dark elemental fantasy token


angry ancient smoke fire fantasy token

Flame Elemental

burn heat fire fantasy token

Flying Skull

cranium wings bones fantasy token


beast wings statue monster stone fantasy token

Gelatinous Cube

slimey wobbly nom jelly gross fantasy token


smash hulk exclusive fantasy token


grubby munchkin green small fantasy token

Goblin Fighter

stabby vicious exclusive fantasy token

Hand of Destruction

treachery omen bad glowing fantasy token

Impish Imp

hellish cheeky demon devil exclusive flying fantasy token

Kobold Cleric

nocturnal wise underground exclusive caster fantasy token

Kobold Fighter

ouch stabby fierce eyes red pike spear fantasy token

Kobold Guardian

unique beast heavy exclusive shield armor fantasy token

Kobold Sorceress

maniac foe fiend magic caster fantasy token


conjurer necromancer witch undead fantasy token


unicorn steed mount skull horse exclusive dead fantasy token

Orc Archer

cruel foe tracker enemy bowman hunter ranger fantasy token

Orc Mage

flamethrower witch exclusive caster fire fantasy token

Ork Berzerker

hardcore berserk smash orc barbarian exclusive fantasy token


furry rodent mouse exclusive animal fantasy token

Rat King

commander monarach ruler caster fantasy token


amphibian gills underwater merman trident fantasy token


hungry scale sea water exclusive monster fantasy token

Skeleton Warrior

bone enemy skull barbarian undead knight fantasy token

Vampire Bat

screaming sonar rodent exclusive flying blood fantasy token

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