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Secret of the Wizard's Orb

Author: Matt Pierce $4.99 USD

Featuring tricky treasure chests and bad-tempered bones!

24 Items Included in Secret of the Wizard's Orb

Beastly Bonsai

roots ent leaves tree exclusive fantasy token

Cutie Kobold

cute harmless short exclusive fantasy token

Fire Skull

hovering ghastly bones ghost flame exclusive flying fantasy token

Fleet Footed Veteran

one-eyed expert exclusive staff pike fantasy token

Frightened Fighter

that hear did shifty paranoid spooked scared you exclusive fantasy token

Grasping Spirit

spooky grabby icky melty whiny touchy ghostly ghastly exclusive fantasy token

Grumpy Goblin

sour grouchy npc cross exclusive fantasy token

Heavy Knight

chivalry massive bulky plate exclusive armor fantasy token

Hero of Legend

legendary protaganist heroic exclusive fantasy token

Mystic Pylon

orb seeing eye glass exclusive fantasy token

Obligatory Slime

goop eye icky sticky sludge gross exclusive fantasy token

Orcish Orc

conversational spiky friendly exclusive axe fantasy token

Rowdy Dwarf

dwarvish diminuative demented exclusive fantasy token

Serene Mage

enchanted forest magic exclusive wizard fantasy token

Serious Archer

counting grumpy moody leather arrow elvish exclusive bow fantasy token

Skilled Amazon

valkyrie lady woman exclusive spear shield warrior fantasy token

Some Bones

crunchy collarbone femur dem pile bones ribs exclusive fantasy token

Spooky Skeleton

calcium bones exclusive undead fantasy token

Squishy Cave Thing

parasite slippery worm wet exclusive monster fantasy token


nom chomper decoy teeth chest trap exclusive treasure fantasy token

Tough Orc

clever orcish lady girl woman bloody exclusive fantasy token

Treasure Chest

lockpick dangerous box loot exclusive fantasy token

Tricky Thief

dastardly scallywag exclusive knife rogue fantasy token

Worried Wizard

magician stars exclusive caster fantasy token

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