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House of Orr - Playpack 1

Author: vge $4.99 USD

From the webcomic written by the Roll20 Development Team, House of Orr!

This 24-piece token pack is illustrated by the visual mastermind of House of Orr, Victoria Grace Elliott.

24 Items Included in House of Orr - Playpack 1

Aubber Dauber

scallywag wink sister sneak trickster inquisitor pink queen fantasy token


mohawk rival cardinal sagacious swordsman warrior fantasy token


buff fierce elk horned horns spear shield fantasy token


owl twin familiar huntress fantasy token

Flint Locke

gun for hire bounty firearms flintlock rat pistol ruffian pirate fantasy token


twin hunter archer male fantasy token


shoujo sparkles vge googster wizard fantasy token

Hood Master

plotting spy villain evil cloak seer magic fantasy token

Hooded Henchwoman

gofer lackey support fantasy token


robes opposition enemy cloak fantasy token


hooves hariy creative coffee artist glasses beast giant fantasy token


rookie novice sticky wavelength animalist linguist frog fantasy token


orr gloves scarred past statesman elder smashing hammerer mason guild hero leader hammer fantasy token


whleming fine smoker high elf conjurer caster fantasy token


competitive cheap ambush stab sneak brawler mustache rogue elf fantasy token


intelligent studious tinkerer scholar magician flame dragon fantasy token


adventurer swordmaster female sword knight armor fantasy token


snickering laughing giggler musician demon featured-premium skull bard exclusive monster fantasy token


dwarven trapper tracker featured-premium hunter exclusive male ranger dwarf axe fantasy token

Priestess Bolormaa

robed mother pangolin crystal caster fantasy token


gentleman nose ring smelly four arms horns giant male fantasy token


crystal ball dangerous third eye wise globe seer blind fantasy token


bark leaves tree mage fantasy token

Regent Newten

monocle elegant salamander boxer featured-premium brawler exclusive fantasy token

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