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Basic Dungeon Props

Author: Shaun Ellis $4.99

Traps, statues, and statuses for enhancing your dungeon.

21 Items Included in Basic Dungeon Props

Wall Torch

wall light torch fire fantasy token

Treasure Chest

chest treasure fantasy token

Fire Pit

pit light fire fantasy token

Wooden Crate

container box crate wooden fantasy token

Wooden Barrel

container wooden barrel fantasy token


prop door fantasy token


support column prop fantasy token

Fallen Column

fallen column prop damaged broken fantasy token

Female Statue

prop statue woman fantasy token

Male Statue

prop statue male fantasy token

Pile of Bones

skeleton of pile prop bones fantasy token


body skeleton prop bones fantasy token


prop altar stone fantasy token

Magic Circle

prop circle glow magic fantasy token

1x1 Spike Trap

danger spike hazard prop 1x1 square trap fantasy tile

3x3 Spike Trap

danger spike hazard 3x3 square trap fantasy tile


rocks obstruction block rubble hazard prop stone fantasy token


danger hazard square trap lava fantasy tile


acid danger hazard square trap fantasy tile


danger hazard prop water square trap fantasy tile

Size Guide

guide size prop dungeon fantasy tile

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