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Greytale's Dungeon Elements Pack 2

Author: Greg Taylor $4.99 USD

33 pieces make up this combination of clutter and blood. Major pieces include an altar with all accessories, to a pool full of whatever or whomever the high priest sacrificed just hours before. Prepare your adventurers for a bloody mess and show them you are a gm to be reckoned with.

34 Items Included in Greytale's Dungeon Elements Pack 2


blade dagger knife

Book Closed

manual tome book

Book Open

library tome book

Candelabra Unlit

candle candelabra light

Candelabra Lit

candle candelabra light

Candelabra Small Unlit

candle candelabra light

Candelabra Small Lit

candle candelabra light

Read Me

de2 readme

Dirt Overlay

soil dust dirt

Dirt Pile

soil mound dirt

Rock Pile Large

collapse stone rock

Rock Pile Small

pile stone rock

Wood Broken

collapse broken wood

Wood and Stone Pile

collapse rubble wood


vase pottery de2 clutter dungeon fantasy token

Pottery Broken

ash pottery clutter


pew bench church

Pew Broken

pew bench church

Pew Faded

pew bench church

Skulls Three

skulls skeleton bones


holy water font pool

Door Fallen

smashed clutter door

Brazier Tipped

ash coal brazier

Blood Drag

gore dungeon blood


bloodshed gore blood

Blood Splatter

bloodshed gore blood

Altar Black

temple church altar

Altar Green

temple church altar

Altar Red

shrine church altar

Pool Water

basin water pool

Pool Slime

slime water pool

Pool Empty

basin pool dungeon

Pool Blood

skulls pool blood

Pile of Gold

loot gold treasure

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