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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Greytale's Dungeon Elements 3

Author: Greg Taylor

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

Bring adventure to your dungeon with Dungeon Elements 3, featuring a variety of pits and traps that would make any player nervous.
The pack consists of 47 pieces that may be used stand-alone or with any of the DungeonArts packs.

48 Items Included in Greytale's Dungeon Elements 3


readme de3


trap pit acid

bag of bones

bones skull bag


prison cell cage

cover long

bridge wood pit

cover wood smashed

wood plank pit

cover wood

wood plank pit


devil statue demon

gas green

smoke gas cloud

gas purple

smoke trap gas


hay straw cage

heads pikes

pike dungeon heads

manacles broken

prison irons manacles

manacles overlapped

prison irons jail


prison manacles shackles

pit acid

trap pit acid

pit cage

bars pit cage

pit covered magma

lava pit magma

pit covered

trap plank pit

pit electricity

trap pit electricity

pit empty

trap pit hole

pit long covered

bridge plank pit

pit long halfcovered

bridge pit hole

pit long magma covered

lava bridge pit

pit long magma halfcovered

lava pit hole

pit long magma

lava trap pit

pit long

pit hole chasm

pit magma

lava trap pit

pit slime grate

trap pit grate

pit spikes set

trap pit spikes

pit spikes slime set

pit slime spikes

pit spikes slime sprung

trap pit spikes

pit spikes sprung

pit spikes traps

plank rope

rope wood plank

plank thin

wood plank beam


wood plank beam


smoke gas cloud

trap blade blood

trap scythe blade

trap blade set

trap scythe blade

trap blade sprung

trap scythe blade

trap blade static

trap scythe blade

trap boulder loose

rock trap boulder

trap boulder set

trap boulder traps

trap boulder triggerd

rock trap boulder

trap log set

trap log hall

trap log sprung

trap log spikes

trap log static

trap log spikes

trap spear

spear trap arrow

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