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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Fate Character Art Pack

Author: Evil Hat Productions

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Character Art Pack

FATE Core, Accelerated, Til Dawn, and Masters of Umdaar all © Evil Hat Productions. All Rights Reserved.

102 Items Included in Fate Character Art Pack

FC Token 1

mechanic squirrel

FC Token 2

gorilla cyborg

FC Token 3

human biker

FC Token 4

human mage detective

FC Token 5

human pensive

FC Token 6

human empathy

FC Token 7

warrior human pain

FC Token 8

human rogue swashbuckler

FC Token 9

gorilla cyborg

FC Token 10


FC Token 11

robot fear

FC Token 12

human mage

FC Token 13

human detective

FC Token 14

creature goblin

FC Token 15

creature pumpkin

FC Token 16

gorilla cyborg

FC Token 17

speech smile performance

FC Token 18


FC Token 19

modern human

FC Token 20

human goatee smile

FC Token 21

gorilla cyborg

FC Token 22

human fight grimace

FC Token 23

human hat

FC Token 23

human hooded upset

FC Token 24

human beard

FC Token 25

human angry

FC Token 26

human mischevious eyebrow

FC Token 27

human merchant exasperated

FC Token 28

human beard angry

FC Token 29

human sad goatee

FC Token 30

villain eyepatch angry

FC Token 31

human determined

FC Token 32

human surprised

FC Token 33

modern human happy

FC Token 34

evil cultist hooded

FC Token 35

human lockpick surprised

FC Token 36

military human militia

FC Token 37

military human militia

FC Token 38

military human militia

FC Token 39

human tattoo

FC Token 40

human hooded

FC Token 41

human goatee

FC Token 42

human sunglasses

FC Token 43

mechanic squirrel worker

FC Token 44

horror zombie worms

FC Token 45

horror zombie worms

FC Token 46

horror zombie worms

FC Token 47

horror zombie worms

FC Token 48

human sword

FC Token 49

alien hat

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