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Ti's Breakfast is Served!

Author: Tiffany Munro

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

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Breakfast is served in the dungeon with this pack of modern breakfast diner themed cartoon assets! A mixture of preset plates, empty plates and food items to serve up, appliances and food storage items, plus crumbs and leftovers. Should you eat the fae food? Should you eat with the aliens? Fight off the eldritch incursion at the breakfast house? Have brunch with the gals? These assets match DungeonDraft default assets so you can bring breakfast to your dungeon maps.

It's time to feed the multiverse. How about some matching packs to set the scene? Are robots the wait staff? Get my robots token pack!. Is breakfast ruined? Sci-Fi Rubble and Ruins. Is this breakfast a fae trick in a challenging delve into the depths? Fae Forest NPC pack!

Enjoy your meal! Know what you want to eat next? Order up by sending me a message through my fantasy map portfolio contact form or contacting me via my social media in my profile. Thanks for reading!

351 Items Included in Ti's Breakfast is Served!

Ti's Breakfast Plates-01

breakfast jam and toast

Ti's Breakfast Plates-02

breakfast full american breakfast

Ti's Breakfast Plates-03

breakfast waffle breakfast

Ti's Breakfast Plates-04

breakfast messy plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-05

breakfast banana and biscuit

Ti's Breakfast Plates-06

breakfast egg and toast leftovers

Ti's Breakfast Plates-07

breakfast leftover plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-08

breakfast messy plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-09

breakfast avocado toast

Ti's Breakfast Plates-10

breakfast bacon and eggs plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-11

breakfast fruit plate with napkin

Ti's Breakfast Plates-12

breakfast waffle plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-13

breakfast eggs and full breakfast

Ti's Breakfast Plates-14

breakfast table setting utensils and napkin

Ti's Breakfast Plates-15

breakfast avocado toast on menu

Ti's Breakfast Plates-16

breakfast sausage and hash browns

Ti's Breakfast Plates-17


Ti's Breakfast Plates-18

breakfast eggs beans and ketchup plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-19

breakfast avocado and eggs plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-20

breakfast pancake and sausage plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-21

breakfast leftover food on plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-22

breakfast jam toast on plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-23

breakfast bacon and melon keto plate

Ti's Breakfast Plates-24

breakfast avocado toast and utensil plate

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