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Author: Mad World

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $9.99

A selection of creatures from the inner and outer planes! Travelers of all kinds visit the city of doors ..
245 tokens comprised of 35 portraits made from 26 original pieces of art work.
Different colored borders can be utilized in many ways (for example : a sign of a creatures status, faction, attitude or alignment; to signify different sub-types of a creature; to signify creatures with the same sub-type but with different statistics; to show creatures with different equipment; or even just to make the players employ different tactics, because they think that the creatures have different stats).

245 Items Included in Plan2eScape

Moon Wolf

beast ethereal pack

Night Hag

witch nightmare fiend

Phase Spider

ethereal creepy monstrosity


fey fairy sylvan


demon familiar fiend

Red Slaad

outer plane limbo


pan sylvan faun

Shadow Dragon

undead shade dark

Shadow Hag

undead witch shadowfell


hunter ambush shadowfell


flying fairy sylvan


demon fiend charm


succubus fiend kiss

Water Weird

elemental guardian weird


earth elemental burrow


elf undead banshee

Blood Elemental

undead shadow summoned


fey red tiny

Blue Slaad

frog toad limbo


fey hunter tiny


trap shadow dark

Death Slaad

frog planar limbo


mage spider creepy


tree fey spirit


fairy sylvan tiny

Fire Elemental

flame lava burning

Fomorian Giant

fey cyclops ettin


undead haunt incorporeal

Gnome Illusionist

mage wizard small

Green Hag

witch villain coven

Green Slaad

frog toad planar

Grey Slaad

frog outer planes

Hell Hound

fire breath fiend


demon fiend toad


mage undead skeleton

Death Slaad, Silver

frog planar slaad

Drider, Blue

warrior mage spider

Drider, Gold

spider creepy underworld

Drider, Green

mage spider underworld

Drider, Purple

mage spider monstrosity

Drider, Red

mage spider creepy

Drider, Silver

mage spider monstrosity

Dryad, Blue

tree spirit sylvan

Dryad, Gold

fey spirit sylvan

Dryad, Green

tree spirit sylvan

Dryad, Purple

tree spirit sylvan

Dryad, Red

tree spirit sylvan

Dryad, Silver

tree spirit sylvan

Banshee, Blue

elf undead banshee

Banshee, Gold

elf undead banshee

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