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Unity City NPCs

Author: Illustrated Page Design

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Unity City is part of the homebrew setting of my campaign. It's a mix of steampunk and Weird West with historical influences from the 1800s to the 1920s.

This art pack includes art for several prominent families and individuals, with art of both the family portraits and solo portraits. Art includes portraits and top down figure tokens.

Cyrus Amberhet is a councilman. He and his wife, Verla Amberhet, are great patrons of the arts. They have six daughters who they refer to as their "flower garden." In order of oldest to youngest, they are Violet, Iris, the twins Primrose and Rosemary, Jasmine, and Daffodil. Verla Amberhet is greatly concerned with making good marriage matches for all her daughters, especially her oldest. Note, the twins have art both together and separate.

Amelia Casalova is the heir to a banking empire, and she now runs the family business. Her husband is a half-elf from an outwardly unremarkable family... but one that in truth has some skeletons in it's closet.

Orville Gravner's family fortunes were in decline when he married his wife Yvette. Through Yvette's ambitions, the family has begun to climb back up to it's prior heights... but Yvette has not yet gained the power she seeks.

Laura Silver is the widow of the beloved city founder. She's trading on his legacy to build a political career of her own, all the while keeping her own magical legacy secret.

Carol McAbe is a councilwoman and supporter of the corrupt mayor. Her husband, Jonathan McAbe, is a buisnessman and go-between who runs many a shady scheme.

The Roszner's are a newly wealthy family. Anthony Roszner has recently gained a seat on the city council, and he and his wife Shirley Rozner (the daughter of the Taft horse trading fortune) are obsessed with propriety and status. They want their children to be the perfect society lady and gentleman, but their now adult children have plans of their own.

Verity Saffron was not born to wealth or power. She was the daughter of poor fisherfolk, and she rose to prominence by her dedicated study of the magical arts. She is now the highest ranking wizard of the entire city.

77 Items Included in Unity City NPCs

Amberhet Family Portrait 1

historical old family photo family portrait

Amberhet Family Portrait 2

historical oil painting family portrait

Amberhet_Cyrus Portrait 1

portrait historical victorian

Amberhet_Cyrus Portrait 2

nobleman gentleman victorian npc

Amberhet_Cyrus Token

nobleman aristocrat noble man

Amberhet_Daffodile Portrait 1

girl child noble child

Amberhet_Daffodile Portrait 2

historical victorian historical girl

Amberhet_Daffodile Token

young girl young child human child

Amberhet_Iris Portrait 1

regency regency girl teenage girl

Amberhet_Iris Portrait 2

teenager teen teen girl

Amberhet_Iris Token

teen girl historical teenager noble girl

Amberhet_Jasmine Portrait 1

noble child historical child human girl

Amberhet_Jasmine Portrait 2

noble child noble girl wealthy child

Amberhet_Jasmine Token

pink pink dress little girl

Amberhet_Primrose Portrait 1

teenager teenage girl human teenager

Amberhet_Primrose Portrait 2

steampunk historical victorian

Amberhet_Primrose Token

victorian 1800s regency

Amberhet_Rosemary Portrait 1

historical npc victorian era historical portrait

Amberhet_Rosemary Portrait 2

daughter teen girl teenage girl

Amberhet_Rosemary Token

historical girl victorian girl victorian teen

Amberhet_Twins Portrait 1

twins twin girls identical twins

Amberhet_Twins Portrait 2

twins regency identical twins

Amberhet_Twins Token

historical twins identical twins

Amberhet_Verla Portrait 1

historical victorian regency

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