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Lootables: Creatures, Drops 'n' Props

Author: Chibbin Grove

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $5.99

Hey folks!

Chibbin Grove presents Lootables: Creatures, Drops 'n' Props.
Add some unique characters and creatures to your games!
Each comes with parts ready for your party to dissect, sever or steal, as well as unique written content related to each of them.
Includes tokens, loot assets, handouts, journal entries and more!

-Written handouts also include versions with keywords highlighted.
-Loot assets are sized to 140 pixels per square.
-Tokens are made at 420x420px to allow for easier resizing.

You can find more of our work, plus 100s of free maps, over at
You can also find us on Patreon, Twitter and Instagram.

If you have any questions email us at

120 Items Included in Lootables: Creatures, Drops 'n' Props

Air Reaper-Journal-page1-Info

entry journal diary

Air Reaper-Journal-page2

notes journal diary

Air Reaper-Journal-page2-Info

notes journal diary

Air Reaper-Talons-1x1

bird carcass talon

Air Reaper-Teeth-1x1

teeth bird tooth

Air Reaper-Tongue&Innards-1x1

guts bird tongue

Air Reaper-Tooth-1x1

teeth carcass tooth

Air Reaper-VialOfBlood-1x1

blood potion vial

Air Reaper-Wing-1x1

bird wing part

Apprentice Witch

character witch npc

Apprentice Witch-Book Cover-1x1

book clutter books

Apprentice Witch-Book Empty-1x1

book clutter books

Apprentice Witch-Book Pages-1x1

page book pages

Apprentice Witch-Book-1x1

page book pages

Apprentice Witch-Broom-1x2

witch broom broomstick

Apprentice Witch-Diary

book journal diary

Apprentice Witch-Diary-Info

journal list diary

Apprentice Witch-Handout-01

witch npc handout

Apprentice Witch-Handout-02

witch npc handout

Apprentice Witch-Handout-03

witch npc handout

Apprentice Witch-Handout-04

loot witch handout

Apprentice Witch-Pages-1-1x1

page paper pages

Apprentice Witch-Pages-2-1x1

page notes paper

Apprentice Witch-Pages-3-1x1

note paper pages

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