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Horror Survivors Vol. 1

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99

Body bags, gun-toting cat ladies, and scientists in containment suits? Oh my!

In this pack you'll find a nice collection of scientists, soldiers and civilians that'll beef up just about any horror campaign! And yes, that is a totally normal dog! Look at how healthy he looks! And so friendly!

These tokens are 560x560 pixels with varying poses so you can reuse them as quest NPCs, enemies on battle maps, etc. Tokens are uniformly rendered and digitally painted, so they seamlessly integrate with the Horror Monsters and Street People sets.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM on Roll20 or come say hi on Twitter.

27 Items Included in Horror Survivors Vol. 1

A Totally Normal Dog

hound canine mongrel cur doggie puppy pup mutt healthy companion pet animal shepherd huskie dog token modern

Bodybag 1

pouch remains bag body corpse token modern

Bodybag 2

zombie deader cadaver remains stiff corpse large body dead token modern

Bodybag 3

mortal mummy deceased autopsy skeleton carcass remains human token modern

Cat Lady (Friendly)

disabled wheelchair hosuewife kitty cat girl woman ladult PC modern NPC human lady old token modern

Cat Lady (Hostile)

packing pistol retiree old elder senior mama mom armed gun hostile grandma token modern

Elderly Survivor A

rich wealthy veteran adult old golfer golfing golf drunk male token modern

Elderly Survivor B

armed course hat argyle club golf male tip grandpa token modern

Elderly Survivor C

homicidal savage bloody hostile angry crazy rich moneyed affluent hostile token modern

Healthcare Worker A

technician doctor medical assistant carer aid nurse healthcare token modern

Healthcare Worker B

research hospital weapons unconventional extinguisher fire guts blood gore horror modern NPC fight doctor nurse token modern

Heavy Soldier A

baklava futuristic fatigue vest proof bullet armor heavy modern human male sniper soldier token modern

Heavy Soldier B

containment infiltrator guard specops ops special heavy big giant large weapon gun armor piercing gun assault rifle soldier balaclava token modern

Heavy Soldier C

human foe enemy antagonist adversary npc tank machinegun gun machine soldier heavy male token modern

Heavy Soldier D

heavy pistol thomspon subgun tommy uzi gatling gun human guard male token modern

Survivor Doctor B

scientist expert male yellow containment radiation healer suite suit biohazard hazmat researcher physician gun dart tranquilizer token modern

Survivor Doctor

technologist specialist hostile enemy NPC looter paranoid survivalist quack sawbones doc medic MD doctor surgeon token modern

Survivor Machinist A

gore blood slash slasher improvised weapon zombie halberd wrench combat armed NPC PC human female token modern

Survivor Machinist B

idle fight hair short pink armed weapon PC gore heroine hero female human token modern

Survivor Man A

dark night scifi futuristic modern smoke cigarette zombie fashion street hiphop rows braids braid dreads african black human male token modern

Survivor Man B

rioter rowdy punk jacket coat weapon melee blade knife switchblade PC human male token modern

Survivor Nurse A

quest assistance knife armed girl woman female nurse token modern

Survivor Nurse B

death help injured hurt dying mess bloody guts gore blood wounded NPC female human token modern

Survivor Patient A

mute stealth afraid scared hiding injury illness sick medical ward patient PC NPC young teen human female token modern

Survivor Patient B

stranger mysterious hamburger zero patient virus immune zombie infected human young NPC female token modern

Virologist A

disease deadly space suit oxygen mask gas horror apocalypse zombie disease endemic infectious human male token modern

Virologist B

contagious plague epidemic virus outbreak zombie infected suit hazmat mess slaughter carnage blood gore modern researcher medical human male token modern

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