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Horror Survivors Vol. 3

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

In this latest installment of Horror Survivors you'll find frightened kids, murderous office workers, soldiers holding down the fort and many others that'll add life (and a little death!) to your horror campaigns.

These tokens are 560x560 pixels with varying poses and can be used as quest NPCs, enemies on battlemaps, etc. Tokens are uniformly rendered and digitally painted so they'll seamlessly integrate with the Horror Monsters and Street People sets.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM on Roll20 or come say hi on Twitter.

25 Items Included in Horror Survivors Vol. 3

Little Boy A

minor youngster chap lad tween casual alone little youth juvenile son quest lost urban pc survivor npc child kid guy city male human token modern

Little Boy B

curled afraid tween hiding disaster scared boy child up hidden male human token modern

Little Girl A

crying little sad spooky victim pc survivor npc child girl gore apocalypse female zombie horror blood token modern

Little Girl B

hiding little quest npc child kid girl hidden female human token modern

Office Survivor A

greeter receptionist host casual skirt clerk manager secretary girl desk office business woman female human token modern

Office Survivor B

letteropener attacked bleeding opener infected wounded japanese asian survivor letter npc bloody knife monster female human zombie token modern

Office Survivor Prone

alseep deadbody deceased stiff asleep unconscious carcass cadaver body remains corpse knife female human dead token modern

Pregnant Survivor A

mom sleepingbag dirty urban mother pregnant survivor country backpack npc scavenger bundle brunette city unarmed woman female human token modern

Pregnant Survivor B

soiled contagion epidemic immune virus machete jeans outbreak dirty infected survivor brunette attack apocalypse knife female human zombie token modern

Scientist A

virus breathing hazmat oxygen containment outbreak research radiation suit npc gas mask female human tank token modern

Scientist B

physicist ecologist hazmat chemist biologist analyst specialist investigator armed doctor researcher scholar explorer suit scientist gun weapon token modern

Soldier A

opponent sub machinegun gi smg armed npc hostile guard mercenary fighter male human soldier token modern

Soldier B

militant opponent lieutenant private champion tough bodyguard combatant npc enemy mercenary gun male human soldier token modern

Soldier C

airman squaddie flak kevlar bulletproof regular sapper trooper corporal pilot sailor bodyguard jacket gunner marine guard body army male armor token modern

Soldier E

prviate silencer recruit regular redshirt trooper sergeant pc guardsman infantry gun fighter male human warrior horror scifi token modern

Survivor Priest A

chaplain confessor vicar padre missionary idle father bishop minister preacher npc man unarmed church cleric male priest human token modern

Survivor Priest B

rector curate chaplain confessor reverend parson missionary father looter quest preacher pc npc box supplies loot monk cleric male human token modern

Survivor Priest C

curate reverend pastor machete father bishop fight combat divine outbreak violent npc enemy man apocalypse fighter male human zombie weapon token modern

Survivor Woman A

topcoat greatcoat windcheater anorak windbreaker parka raincoat floral african overcoat coat jacket npc black natural hair woman female token modern

Survivor Woman B

lathe jemmy jimmy prybar slimjim lever tool survivalist armed urban pc survivor npc street city woman crowbar fighter female horror token modern

Sweet Old Lady A

mama disabled sweater snowman xmas christmas holiday reindeer matriarch mom ugly lady wife npc winter trees cane grandma female human token modern

Sweet Old Lady B

gramma nana senior sweater grandmother african combat citizen cold npc winter snow black old elderly grandma woman fighter female token modern

Unpaid Intern A

subordinate aind intern college millenial casual helper associate attendant deputy guy servant man office business male human token modern

Unpaid Intern B

accomplice encumbered crouching letteropener help fight quest armed npc cubicle office knife fighter male human horror token modern

Unpaid Intern Prone

comatose coma deceased asleep unconcious prone butcher lifeless sleeping man young loot knife male human dead token modern

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