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Horror Monsters Vol. 1

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

Are you a discerning DM/GM searching for the finest zombies, undead and freshly reanimated corpses for your next horror campaign? Of course you are!

In this pack you'll find your usual biters and crawlers, unfortunate medical and miltary personnel, bikers and others in various stages of decay and agitation.

Each token measures 560x560 and is uniformly rendered, lit and digitally painted so you can use them to make large hordes with my other Horror Monsters, Survivors and Street People packs.

I just want to say thanks to everyone that buys something! If you have a commission idea, request, question or comment feel free to send me a PM on Roll20 or come say hi on Twitter.

20 Items Included in Horror Monsters Vol. 1

Crawler Zombie

revenant decaying phantom animated walking crawler demon living destroyed corpse rotting ghost female dead zombie token modern

Damaged Zombie

shorts flop viscera deceased wound bezerker surfer flip fight decay beach corpse rotting monster zombie token modern

Destroyed Zombie

soulless rot walking npc vampire living corpse rotting elderly woman bloody undead female dead zombie token modern

Deteriorating Zombie

buffy aggro football supernatural player fiend demon npc hell devil corpse rotting fighter undead monster male token modern

Hunter Zombie

straggler walker rot crawler wounded asian npc spirit gore death decay business woman fighter undead female dead zombie horror blood token modern

Medic Zombie Attack

accident emt grabber biter ambulance driver medic emergency fireman doctor demon npc police monster female zombie horror creature token modern

Punk Zombie A

supternatural cursed goth teen zombies haunted infected possessed demon girl vampire punk ghost undead monster female dead zombie token modern

Punk Zombie B

boomer nonhuman grabber hiphop inhuman biter cursed goth ghoul street bloody punk fighter monster female human zombie token modern

Soldier Zombie A

militant nonhuman contagion grabber combat outbreak diseased infected npc rotting fighter monster male human warrior soldier military token modern

Soldier Zombie B

nonhuman infected possessed demon npc fighter monster male human zombie token modern

ZZ Survialist A

auto gambler sniper explorer npc gas hunter arrow mask defender rogue fighter crossbow female bow zombie token modern

ZZ Survialist B

killteam autocrossbow autobow archery survivalist killer npc hunter fighter crossbow archer female bow human zombie token modern

Zombie Biker

threat motorcyclist bikie accident biter walker cursed biker walking guy living man undead monster male dead zombie horror token modern

Zombie Crawler 2

straggler contagious biter crawler infected bum homeless npc veteran man male human zombie token modern

Zombie Crawler

unalive jumper biter ambulance driver sick medic doctor wounded gore bloody fighter undead female horror creature token modern

Zombie Eating

unaware devour chew biting quest alert eating npc dining loot monster male human zombie creature token modern

Zombie Howler

legendary mechanic npc vampire blonde monster female human creature token modern

Zombie Hunter

bushwhacker camo folk sick infected country farmer hat hunter monster male human creature token modern

Zombie Patient

subject virus patient test inmate resident sick outbreak victim infected gore guts apocalypse male zombie horror blood token modern

Zombie Rocker

deadhead deceased actor cursed surfer mess bitten demon npc guy gore demonic man corpse undead monster male dead zombie blood token modern

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