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Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 7

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99 USD

This product depicts 54 uniquely designed, 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. The pack consists of both good and evil forces. Cultists both male and female, Ambush Drakes, both alive and dead, Helmed Horror, both alive and dead, Gargoyle, both alive and dead, Human servants, both male and female, and both dead and alive, Kobolds, both dead and alive, Flying Kobolds, both dead and alive, Prisoners, both chained and free, Veterans, Trolls, both dead and alive, 3 armed special Troll both dead and alive.A Elven Leader, both dead and alive. Also included is a bonus of 2 Perytons from Pack 4 and 2 suites of Elven Plate mail on a stand.

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54 Items Included in Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 7

Ambush Drake 2

saddle lizard dragon

Ambush Drake 3

armoured armored green

Ambush Drake 4

saddle blue horns

Ambush Drake Slain

killed bloody dead

Brother Caemon Free

commoner male priest

Brother Caemon Shackled

prisoner cleric priest

Commoner Angrath Woodwise Slain

cleric priest dead

Commoner Angrath Woodwise

cross cleric priest

Commoner Chief Butler Gastyn Slain

asian servant dead

Commoner Chief Butler Gastyn

asian servant monk

Commoner Head Maid Arlaenga Slain

servant female dead

Commoner Head Maid Arlaenga

servant woman female

Craggor Free

hurt bald dwarf

Craggor Shackled

prisoner beard dwarf

Cultist Servant 1

courier commoner box

Cultist Servant 2

lord commoner man

Cultist Servant 3

woman female dwarf

Cultist Servant 4

cook red dwarf

Female Dragonclaw 1

blonde woman sword

Male Dragonclaw 1

scimitar fighter sword

Female Dragonclaw 2

rapier woman fighter

Elven Armor Stand 1

armour rack suit

Elven Armor Stand 2

armour rack heavy

Flying Kobold 10 Slain

lizard wings dead

Flying Kobold 10

tail lizard wings

Flying Kobold 8 Slain

demon wings dead

Flying Kobold 8

tail brown winged

Flying Kobold 9 Slain

demon blue dead

Flying Kobold 9

lizard blue dragon

Gargoyle Statue

golem marble stone

Gargoyle Fighting

attacking statue marble

Gargoyle Slain

shattered broken marble

Helmed Horror 1

armour suit armor

Helmed Horror 2

suit construct statue

Helmed Horror Slain

suit dead armor

Kobold 1 Slain

lizard bloody dead

Kobold 1

tail dagger lizard

Kobold 2 Slain

dagger leather armor

Kobold 2

dagger light armor

Miresella Free

prisoner dreadlocks dirty

Miresella Shackled

prisoner ball chain

Peryton 1

phoenix rainbow flying

Peryton 2

purple wings antlers

Talis The White Slain

body fighter dead

Talis The White

figher spear shield

Trespin The Troll Slain

arms four ogre

Trespin The Troll

ogre green club

Troll And Ambush Drake

ogre lizard dragon

Troll Slain

ogre mace dead

Troll Fighting

ogre green giant

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