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Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 2

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99

This product depicts 53 uniquely designed, 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. The pack consists of both good and evil forces. Dragonborn, both male and female, Kobolds, Acolytes, both male and female. Guards, Dragonclaws, Guard Drakes, Ambush Drakes, Cultists, both male and female, prisoners, both male and female. And as a bonus 3 tokens from Pack 1.

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53 Items Included in Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 2

Female Acolyte

staff cleric wizard

Male Acolyte

sorcerer warlock dragon

Ambush Drake 1

green pet dragon

Ambush Drake 2

blue horns creature

Ambush Drake 3

scales draconic black

Ambush Drake 4

guarding tail monster

Male Dragonclaw 1

hooked swords armor

Male Dragonclaw 2

viking hair fighter

Male Dragonclaw 3

purple man red

Dwarf Male Cultist 1

braids sitting rogue

Dwarf Male Cultist 2

studded greatsword fighting

Female Dragonborn Leader

rezmir black cloak

Female Dragonborn Leader with Sword

hazirawn rezmir boss

Female Head Cleric

mondath frulam priest

Female Prisoner 1

shackled buckets carrying

Female Prisoner 2

ball and chain

Female Prisoner 3

carrying chained pale


tarbaw nighthill leader

Guard Drake 1

stalking red fire

Guard Drake 2

pounce blue water

Half-Elf Monk Restrained

leosin bound prisoner

Half-Elf Monk Fighting

leosin arts martial

Half-Orc Guard

chainmail spear shield

Human Female Cultist 1

woman fighter sword

Human Female Cultist 2

black cloaked woman

Human Female Cultist 3

waiting sitting woman

Human Female Cultist 4

motion stop cloaked

Human Male Cultist 1

bun leather armor

Human Male Cultist 2

grey cloak sword

Human Male Cultist 3

waiting talking sitting

Injured Monk

stick walking cane

Kobold Crawling

stalking purple blue

Kobold Sitting 2

conversing guarding waiting

Kobold Sitting

lizard man green

Kobold Sleeping

asleep resting blue

Kobold With Dagger 1

ritual attacking albino

Kobold With Dagger 2

scaled lizard armor

Kobold With Dagger 3

lizard red fire

Kobold With Sling 1

fling slingshot rocks

Kobold With Sling 2

tail lizard green

Kobold With Sling 3

lizard blue man

Male Blue Dragonborn Champion

cyanwrath langdedrosa polearm

Male Human Guard 1

boy man shield

Male Human Guard 2

chainmail hair red

Male Human Guard 3

duty sitting shield

Male Human Guard 4

sounding blowing horn

Male Human Guard 5

chainmail spear sword

Male Prisoner 1

shackled carrying water

Male Prisoner 2

chopping child wood

Male Prisoner 3

digging young shovel

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