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Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 5

Author: Kiel Thompson $5.99

This product depicts 56 uniquely designed, 3D rendered tokens to be used in your fantasy role-playing games. The pack consists of both good and evil forces. Bandits both male and female, Orcs, Ogres, Merchants both male and female, Bullfrog Men, Lizardfolk, Giant Frogs, Giant Lizards, Veterans both male and female and a Troll.

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56 Items Included in Ddraig Goch's Tyranny Pack 5

Male Bandit 1

makeup skull man

Orc Bandit

pig man orc

Male Bandit 2

scimitar man sword

Female Bandit 1

cowboy hat crossbow

Male Bandit 3

sheriff hand crossbow

Male Bandit 4

man bald armor

Male Bandit 5

repeating heavy crossbow

Male Bandit 6

hand mask crossbow

Male Bandit 7

blonde wooden crossbow

Female Bandit 2

wielding dual swords

Female Bandit 3

leather fighter longsword

Female Bandit 4

greatsword blue hair

Bullfrog Man 1

bullywug green spear

Bullfrog Man 2

bullywug muddy cloak

Bullfrog Man 3

squat bullywug brown

Bullfrog Man 4

bullywug green shield

Bullfrog Man 5

bullywug dagger shield

Bullfrog Man 6

cacked bullywug mud

Bullfrog Man 7

bullywug mud covered

Bullfrog Man 8

bullywug turtle shield

Female Veteran

leather sword armor

Female Elf Merchant

lewel edhelri shopkeeper

Female Human Merchant

torohar werond seller

Giant Frog 1

bull saddle swamp

Giant Frog 2

bog brown creature

Giant Frog 3

muddy bull green

Giant Frog 4

croaker toad tree

Giant Frog 5

peeper jumping flying

Giant Lizard 1

gecko basilisk green

Giant Lizard 2

whiptail komodo dragon

Giant Lizard 3

rearing biting fighting

Lizardfolk 1

lizard man hammer

Lizardfolk 2

bone hammer mace

Lizardfolk 3

tree club shield

Lizardfolk 4

turtle spear shield

Lizardfolk 5

crocodile man spear

Lizardfolk 6

croc brown swamp

Lizardfolk 7

shell hard leather

Lizardfolk 8

fighter swamp creature

Male Cook

pete gristle butcher

Male Dwarf Veteran

mail splint pipe

Male Dwarf Merchant

angesstun lai caravan

Male Human Merchant 3

neyerite-verther tartan elf

Male Human Merchant

ulyeltin achreny shopkeeper

Ogre 1

nail greatclub furry

Ogre 2

tooth primitive weapon

Ogre 3

tusk mohawk club

Orc 1

greataxe brown red

Orc 2

mail studded armor

Orc 3

throwing tattoos spear

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