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Cyberpunks Vol. 2

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

In this edition of Cyberpunks I decided to create a much more colorful and interesting group of characters that'll help you get up and running in no time! Includes a cybersamurai, covert ops specialist, drone rigger, enforcer, face, hacker (complete with a retro-deck!) and many others,

Creating these packs has been a blast (and a serious learning experience!), and there will be more coming soon :)

If you want a commission, have a request, a suggestion, a comment, or need a hug, you can reach me on twitter @sunsetndustries or by email via (Yes, that's a real website, and it's mine!) Thanks for reading this wall of text!

24 Items Included in Cyberpunks Vol. 2


bioware bushido paramilitary razorboy sammie streetsamurai freelance cyberware katana swordsman cyberpunk sword scifi military token modern


sammy sicfi sciencefiction net neon sifi to cyber runner scfi syfy future samurai npc security street guard futuristic heavy punk swordsmen space scifi token

02-Covert Ops-Idle

infiltration gritty present sciencefiction dystopia net neon seeker runner sneak syfy future npc dark tech spider fighter scifi character token modern

02-Covert Ops-attack

solo paratrooper commandoe clandestine covert paramilitary freelance corporate guerrilla commando espionage beret spy elite ghost ranger scifi military token

04-Brawling Adept-Idle

sicfi present sciencefiction dystopia net neon nomad cyber runner syfy future npc dark tech futuristic punk shaman female human scifi character token modern

04-Brawling Adept-attack

handtohand thrill gymnastics brawling tatu fist climbing adept urban hand tattoo street brawler melee scifi token

05-Weapons Expert-Attack

hire cyberware expert weapons sniper futuristic hunter heavy gun dwarf human soldier armor space scifi token modern

05-Weapons Expert-Idle

cybersoldier solo covert paramilitary specialist nomad expert enforcer officer security guard scifi military token


etiquette sniffer owmer bookie factor manager owner detective agent salesman smuggler trader scout scifi token


johnson mister mr corporate contact face negotiator front drone businessman npc corpse business boss scifi character token


corps p.i. undercover lookout fixer pi defense detective bouncer investigator cyber grunt asian goon augment npc punk police army male scifi character token modern


lieutenant plainclothes private vory shades mirror neon sunglasses enforcer tough glasses bodyguard bat cop security thug guard heavy tank scifi token


comabt cyberdeck datajack hardware net specialist espionage hacker matrix technician agent runner security rigger spider scifi token


virtualreality commlink sim independent solos solo reality virtual otaku decker matrix technomancer combat runner keyboard shadow scifi token

10-Gunslinger Adept-Attack

cadet rentacop lone lonestar manhunter colt lieutenant present fallout future cop npc guard star apocalypse female human fantasy scifi character token modern

10-Gunslinger Adept-Idle

bountyhunter fixer detective gunslinger firearm bounty firearms security cowboy western hunter pistol scifi token

11-Drone Operator-Attack

technical cybercombat datajack lieutenant otaku matrix technomancer technician grunt remote tech control male human scifi token

11-Drone Operator-Idle

ops dronerigger operator lookout hacker combat drone security control rigger spider scifi token


connection coyote tguef wheelman smuggling mule connect face fence thief rigger scifi token


sinless sin smugglr cybernetic contact face negotiator smuggler cyborg android female human scifi token


organlegger snitch graffiti lookout hipster teen artist teenager trader boy ghoul kid male human scifi token


scalper johnson contact ganger agent smuggler gangster dealer npc thug fence gang scifi character token

14-Bounty Hunter-Attack

bondsman bail private solo freelance corporate mafia pi detective adept enforcer yakuza bodyguard cop security guard scifi token

14-Bounty Hunter-Idle

triad bountyhunter dual bounty swordsman street double man hunter heavy male sword human scifi token

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