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Cyberpunks Vol. 5

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

From rocker punk mages, black ops agents, transhumanist fixers, yakuza, tiny dancing bots and decrepit paparazzi, this pack has a lot to offer your next game! Each character comes with an action/fight token, along with idle and prone poses so you'll have a nice variety to fit any situation. Bots going forward from this pack on will be separate characters with their own poses so you can strip 'em out and do whatever with 'em!

I want to thank everyone that buys my packs and supports cyberpunk content in general. I really appreciate the heck out of you guys!

Each token is a transparent PNG and is sized at 560x560px so they scale super well for VTT!

40 Items Included in Cyberpunks Vol. 5

Combat Mage Magic 1

detective urban magician fantasy scifi token modern

Combat Mage Magic 2

shadowrun security magical lightning female scifi token

Combat Mage prone

fight orb cyberpunk lightning mage scifi token

Covert Ops 2

present sciencefiction syfy spider scifi token

Covert Ops Idle

corporate assault enforcer rifle male armor scifi military token

Covert Ops Prone

paramilitary protection smg heavy gun scifi token

Covert Ops

nikita femme covert elite ranger scifi token

Drone Rigger Prone

cybercombat datajack otaku matrix technomancer scifi token

Drone Rigger idle

dronerigger operator hacker drone control scifi token

Drone Rigger

grunt combat spell futuristic magic scifi token

Fixer Fight

cybernetic face negotiator cyborg android scifi token

Fixer Prone

babe etiquette sniffer bookie factor manager owner agent salesman trader scout scifi token

Fixer idle

coyote tguef wheelman smuggling thief scifi token

Heavy Infiltrator Attack

blackops paratrooper guerrilla commando espionage beret spy ghost scifi token

Heavy Infiltrator Attack

wagemage runner young human scifi character token

Heavy Infiltrator Idle

unconscious prone cyber sniper hunter space scifi token

Heavy Infiltrator Prone

freelancer smugglr dystopian smuggler soldier scifi token

Henchman Fight

scfi samurai street guard swordsmen scifi token

Henchman Idle 2

organized korean mademan mister mr asia criminal gangster crime japanese japan eyepatch scifi token

Henchman Idle

debt fypm hench fist underworld collector yakuza asian henchman glasses scifi token

Henchman prone

rep formal wageslave representative businessman corpse business boss scifi token

Investigator Fight

major private deputy sergeant taser force investigator armed captain cop woman police scifi token

Investigator Idle

leo policewoman idle sheriff officer policeman scifi token

Investigator Prone

informant crooked corrupt fuzz pig pc scifi token

Media Man 2

stringer correspondent blogger journalist cameraman media grunge scifi token

Media Man Action

paparazzi photographer creepy old elderly scifi token

Media Man Prone (camera)

scum camera victim body dead scifi token

Media Man Prone (no camera)

asleep friend slumlord snitch slum fat lord scifi token

Media Man idle

fixer dystopia neon npc scifi token

Shadowy Media 2

videocamera video person stranger mysterious scifi token

Shadowy Media

noir lieutenant technician remote mystery scifi token

Special Ops Idle

freelancer razorgirl bushido streetsamurai blade scifi token

Special Ops Prone

clandestine gritty sneak dark tech fighter scifi token

Special Ops attack

infiltration sammy swordswoman punk scifi token

Spider Bot Active 3

hackers ops lookout 90s retro scifi token

Spider Bot Active

transhuman sinless sin contact alien scifi token

Spider Bot Dancing

johnson solo mule connect fence scifi token

Spider Bot Drone

gumshoe pi reporter shadow stalker scifi token

Spider Bot Idle

specops bioware cyberware katana sword scifi token

Spider Bot

grabber bot eyebot arms squid robot scifi token

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