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Cyberpunks Vol. 7

Author: Sunset Industries $5.99 USD

Hostile eyebots, weathered ork street mages, strumming cyborg geisha, ornery paranormal detectives, grizzly biker fixers and others make this by far my favorite pack to have made. Maybe I overdid it with the cyborg dictator, giant holographic spider and street samurai but hey, this is a labor of love and I spared no expense (nor sanity!) in the making of this pack. As always each character comes in 3 to 4 poses so you can reuse them in various campaigns without things getting boring.

I want to thank everyone that buys my packs and supports cyberpunk content in general. I really appreciate the heck out of you guys, and as long as you keep buying 'em I'll keep making new stuff!

Each token is a transparent PNG and is sized at 560x560px so they scale super well for VTT!

44 Items Included in Cyberpunks Vol. 7

Combat Mage Attack

metahuman troll spell magic shield scifi token

Combat Mage Idle

biker fixer cyberpunk npc human scifi token

Covert Ops 2 idle

ops special future futuristic scifi token modern

Covert Ops Attack

clandestine covert paramilitary ghost scifi military token

Covert Ops Prone

deceased prone body corpse dead scifi token

Cyber Spider

hologram matrix arachnid beast spider scifi token

Cyborg Boss Idle

prosthesis ex deus cybernetic cyborg scifi token

Cyborg Boss Idle

jonson johnson quest asian man scifi token

Cyborg Boss Prone

dictator zzz korean asleep sleeping scifi token

Cyborg Geisha Playing

giesha instrument japanese musician music scifi token

Cyborg Geisha idle 2

femme asia geisha japan female scifi token

Cyborg Geisha idle

teahouse nikita traditional kimono fantasy scifi token

Decker Hacker Hacking 1

hacking decker hacker tech deck scifi token

Decker Hacker Hacking 2

virtualreality commlink solos solo shadow scifi token

Decker Hacker Hacking 3

nerd net agent runner geek scifi token

Decker Hacker Hacking 4

reality virtual vr keyboard soldier scifi token

Decker Hacker Prone

freelancer otaku technomancer drone control scifi token

Decker Hacker Sitting 2

shadowrun fighter shaman male wizard scifi token

Decker Hacker Sitting

cybercombat lieutenant technician grunt remote scifi token

Drone Rigger Prone

cgi dronerigger operator lookout enemy scifi token

Drone Rigger attack

cyberdeck datajack hardware specialist rigger scifi token

Drone Rigger idle (no bot)

nonhuman technical cyber street punk scifi token

Drone Rigger idle

bot fight combat pc robot scifi token

Eyebot (prone)

surveillance disabled eyebot security flying scifi token


puppet automaton apparatus machine scifi vehicle token

Fixer Attack 1

contact trader veteran old elderly scifi token

Fixer Idle 3

terminator machinegun smg 3d scifi token

Fixer Prone

bikey criminal tattoo mystery scifi token

Fixer idle 1

deusex cricket cigarette bat smoke scifi token

Fixer idle 2

cyrus captain gore boss blood scifi token

Henchman 3 Idle 5

droid commando armed pc mage scifi token

Henchman 3 Prone

corporate espionage spy loot scifi token

Henchman 3 idle 2

hench mobster tough goon henchman scifi token

Henchman 3 idle 3

aim private draw urban gun scifi token

Henchman 3 idle 4

p.i. pi protection bodyguard scifi token

Henchman 3 idle

paratrooper beret elite ranger scifi token

Street Samurai Attack 2

swordswomen neon scfi guard heavy scifi token

Street Samurai Attack

bushido african katana black sword scifi token

Street Samurai Idle

razorgirl streetsamurai cyberware blade scifi token

Street Samurai Prone

sammy sicfi sciencefiction sifi samurai scifi token

occult investigator idle

detective investigator supernatural gunslinger paranormal scifi token

occult investigator prone

collector trenchcoat magician cop police scifi token

occult investigator

droid organlegger snitch armed scifi token

occult investigator

gumshoe nikita noir eldritch orb scifi token

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