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Elemental's Framed 005

Author: Elemental Flame

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Your time is valuable -- save yourself some of it.

Creating your own token isn't difficult. This set isn't designed for you to find the character you'll be playing in the next TTRPG. No, for that you should invest your time and find the perfect picture and frame it. Could that be in here? Perhaps, but not likely.

This set is designed for the Dungeon Master who wants to give NPCs in the campaign a unique look but doesn't want to take the time to create hundreds of different tokens. You're quite capable of creating everything I have but my goal is to save you that trouble. In this set are another hundred portraits you can use in your campaign. Pull them out onto your table to give each patron in the tavern a distinct look. Or avoid the "I attack the blue Redbrand!" because every red cloaked thug in Phandalin looks the same. "I attack the bearded Redbrand with the scar!" is much more immersive. Use mods (APIs) like TokenMod to make things go even faster by linking to the character sheet, hitpoints, and other important stats quickly.

Enlarge. Every token in this set is designed to fit into a 1x1 square when you drop it onto the VTT but the resolution of the image allows you to increase the size to 3x3 before you would see a quality drop off. So don't be afraid to cast that enlarge spell!

Credit Where Credit is Due. These portraits are generated using the Artflow Platform with a Creative Commons license for commercial use. The token frames are licensed for commercial use from Heroic Roleplaying Press.

Want to use this art pack in your own published Roll20 module? The Creator of this Art Pack is open to discussing Commercial Licensing for an additional licensing fee. Please use the contact information found in their Creator Profile to inquire.

100 Items Included in Elemental's Framed 005

Framed - Bugbear 0006

dark bugbear rage

Framed - Dwarf 0010

dwarf old crotchety

Framed - Dwarf 0011

warrior dwarf feral

Framed - Elf 0022

elf elven tiara

Framed - Elf 0023

nature druid fae

Framed - Elf 0024

elf maiden fair

Framed - Elf 0025

elf hair white

Framed - Elf 0026

elf drow dark

Framed - Elf 0027

elf drow dark

Framed - Elf 0028

elf drow dark

Framed - Elf 0029

elf fae pale

Framed - Elf 0030

faerie fair innocent

Framed - Gnome 0008

gnome red ginger

Framed - Gnome 0009

gnome blonde young

Framed - Gnome 0010

pirate gnome skullcap

Framed - Gnome 0011

teeth laughing bad

Framed - Goblin 0004

goblin stewing mulling

Framed - Halfling 0008

red ginger halfling

Framed - Halfling 0009

foot halfling hobbit

Framed - Halfling 0010

blonde wild halfling

Framed - Halfling 0011

hair halfling curly

Framed - Halfling 0012

young girl halfling

Framed - Halfling 0013

man halfling drunk

Framed - Human 0300

man smiling cordial

Framed - Human 0301

magic charmed ensorcelled

Framed - Human 0302

defeated scruffy rundown

Framed - Human 0303

elderly grandmother granny

Framed - Human 0304

pirate bandit swashbuckler

Framed - Human 0305

magic sorcerer wild

Framed - Human 0306

old elder worker

Framed - Human 0307

rogue bandit thief

Framed - Human 0308

fighter tough intimidate

Framed - Human 0309

veteran wounded eye

Framed - Human 0310

red hair redhair

Framed - Human 0311

warlock sorcerer magicuser

Framed - Human 0312

beard glare deceit

Framed - Human 0313

warrior scar blue

Framed - Human 0314

wizard enchanter emerald

Framed - Human 0315

bard swashbuckle charismatic

Framed - Human 0316

man serious fro

Framed - Human 0317

bandit redbrand lmop

Framed - Human 0318

rogue redbrand lmop

Framed - Human 0319

thug redbrand lmop

Framed - Human 0320

red brand lmop

Framed - Human 0321

red brand phandalin

Framed - Human 0322

red brand phandelver

Framed - Human 0323

gang red brand

Framed - Human 0324

ruffian scoundrel redbrand

Framed - Human 0325

rogue thief enemy

Framed - Human 0326

magic spells redbrand

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