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Animated Tokens 1 - Cave Creatures

Author: Jan Loos

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

List Price: $7.99
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Your Price: $4.79

Save 40% as we celebrate GM's Day!

This title (normally $7.99) is only $4.79 for a limited time!

This is the animated version of the Cave Creatures pack.

If you are looking for the still versions of these tokens, you can find them here

Caves are mysterious places. Some caves have valuable ores and gems, others are used to shelter from the weather, and every now and then a creature uses a cave as their home.

This pack contains interesting monsters that can be added to your adventure. Enjoy!

Tokens included:

15 Items Included in Animated Tokens 1 - Cave Creatures

Azer Animated

azer animated animation

Carrion Centipide Animated

crawler centipede carrion

Ettin Animated

animated ettin animation

Rock elemental Animated

animated rock elemental animation

Grimlock Animated

token grimlock animation

Hell Hound Animated

hellhound animated hell hound

Magmin Animated

animated magmin animation

Ogre Animated

giant ogre animated

Stalagmite Stalactite Worm Animated

worm animated stalagmite stalactite worm

Purple Worm Animated

worm animated purple worm

Roper Animated

tentacles animated roper

Giant Bat Animated

bat animated giant bat

Rust Monster Animated

beetle animated rust monster

Cave Sticker Animated

animated cave sticker

Troglodyte Animated

token animated troglodyte

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