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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Desert Creatures

Author: Jan Loos $5.99 USD

Creatures for your desert campaigns!
Mummy's, Liches, Half-Scorpions, Mantismen, Sand Golems, Jackal people from ancient Egypt, Cactusmen and a huge undead sand-octopus!

20 Items Included in Desert Creatures


burrow ant lion vermin insect larva large fantasy token


sandstorm husk forlorn nails claws mummy corpse claw undead zombie desert fantasy token


ashen sandstorm husk corpse undead zombie desert fantasy token


vulture dire bird giant desert fantasy token


jiin djiinn djin genie desert fantasy token


ifrit efreti efreeti efreet desert fire fantasy token


hummanoid thri-kreen kreen thri mantis praying insect man desert fantasy token


egypt mummy undead desert fantasy token


sandstorm golem construct huge sand elemental desert fantasy token


cacti sandstorm saguaro huge cactus sand man plant desert fantasy token


sandstorm reptile cat sand hunter dog desert fantasy token


sandstorm lich dry whip skeleton undead desert fantasy token


dragonfly pathfinder insect flying giant desert fantasy token


monstrous poison scorpion insect desert fantasy token


octopus crawling kraken squid sand apocalypse undead boss desert fantasy token


half-scorpion folk scorpionfolk sandstorm poison scorpion half desert fantasy token

Abomination of Anubis

marruspawn jackal anubis sandstorm egypt egyptian abomination beast desert fantasy token

Guardian of Anubis

marrulurk marruspawn jackal anubis sandstorm egypt egyptian desert fantasy token

Warrior of Anubis

marrulurk marruspawn jackal anubis sandstorm egypt egyptain desert fantasy token

Wizard of Anubis

marrulurk marruspawn jackal anubis sandstorm egypt egyptain sorcerer magic wizard desert fantasy token

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