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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Map Pack Vol 5 - Beyond The Ice

Author: Crosshead

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Crosshead Studios presents Map Pack Volume 5: Beyond The Ice!
This set of maps was initially conceived as part of an adventure in which a brave party of heroes would venture into the cold north. There they would have to fight their way through a fort guarded by Frost trolls and Northlanders, hunt down spies while navigating a snowy forest and find their way to an ancient magically sealed doorway. A riddle with mysterious connections to one of the heroes past held the key to opening the doorway, thus granting the heroes access to The Syndei Frosthold. What secrets and treasures awaited them there, we'll leave up to your imagination!
We hope you enjoy these maps and that you can use them in your snowy campaigns.

To see the full list of Crosshead product on the Roll20 Marketplace, click here. New releases every week!
For other Crosshead projects and even more tokens visit Crosshead Studios or support us over on Patreon.

6 Items Included in Map Pack Vol 5 - Beyond The Ice

The Day's Watch 18x20

wall snow battlemap

The Night's Watch 18x20

snow night battlemap

Snowy Gatehouse 30x20

gate snow battlemap

Ice Entrance 12x35

ice snow battlemap

Winter Forest Road 20x30

forest snow battlemap

The Syndei Frosthold 38x60

dungeon ice battlemap

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