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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Token Pack Vol 5 - Born from the Elements

Author: Crosshead

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $4.99

Crosshead Studios presents Token Pack Volume 5 - Born from the Elements!
Inside this pack of tokens you will find elemental themed creatures. To start of with there are the classic Elementals of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. The Giants are also represented with 6 unique tokens, one for each of the major Giant groups. Lets not forget about the Genies, rulers of the elemental planes, as well as some stranger entities such as the Xorn or the Flail Snail.
These tokens fit perfectly into any D&D or fantasy themed game, and we hope you get as much joy from playing with them as we had in creating them!

To see the full list of Crosshead product on the Roll20 Marketplace, click here. New releases every week!
For other Crosshead projects and even more tokens visit Crosshead Studios or support us over on Patreon.

26 Items Included in Token Pack Vol 5 - Born from the Elements

fire snake

token monster snake

flail snail

token monster snail

elemental air

token monster elemental

elemental earth

token monster elemental

elemental fire

token monster elemental

elemental water

token monster elemental

gargoyle imp

token monster imp

gargoyle shadow

token monster gargoyle


token monster gargoyle

genie dao

token monster dao

genie djinni

token monster djinn

genie efreeti

token monster genie

genie marid

token monster marid

giant hill

token giant monster

giant stone

token giant monster

giant storm

token giant monster

giant cloud

token giant monster

giant fire

token giant monster

giant frost

token giant monster

mephit steam

token monster mephit

mephit dust

token monster mephit

mephit ice

token monster mephit

mephit magma

token monster mephit

mephit mud

token monster mephit

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