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Roll20 Marketplace Product

Underwater & Sea Floor Collection

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $13.99

It's what it says in the title! This is ~9 distinct maps with several variants each, totalling about 18 unique maps for use in campaigns set (at least partially) underwater! These are drawn from the variants of my map library, and assembled into a single collection for ease of access without having to collect several otherwise-unrelated map packs!

This collection includes:

Hyperlinks are provided directly to those maps currently on Roll20 as their own item!

All maps are provided in 140ppi resolution, or 140x140 pixels to a square. Map tile sizes are listed alongside the list above, since most of them differ!

This map collection contains some maps that (as of the time of this writing) are not available for sale on Roll20 - but some of its contents are included in their original map package for sale on this marketplace. If you own my Old Mountain Ruins map, for instance, the Underwater Ruins map in this collection is identical to the variant of the same name included in the Old Mountain Ruins. Please be aware!

36 Items Included in Underwater & Sea Floor Collection

Empty Underwater (33x17) (Clean)

sand plains underwater

Empty Underwater (33x17) (Square)

plains underwater abyssal

Underwater Artifact (34x22) (Clean)

ocean artifact bathysphere

Underwater Artifact (34x22) (Square)

ocean ruin device

Underwater Artifact Tunnels (34x22) (Clean)

nest den tunnels

Underwater Artifact Tunnels (34x22) (Square)

nest den tunnels

Underwater Cave (22x17) (Clean)

cavern cave hideaway

Underwater Cave (22x17) (Square)

cavern cave chamber

Underwater Chamber (33x17) (Clean)

sea temple palace

Underwater Chamber (33x17) (Square)

temple palace dias

Underwater Crater (34x22) (Clean)

seabed crater seafloor

Underwater Crater (34x22) (Square)

sand craters seafloor

Underwater Crystals Gone (33x17) (Clean)

crystal crown stolen

Underwater Crystals Gone (33x17) (Square)

crystal jewels stolen

Underwater Half Crystals (33x17) (Clean)

crystals jewels gems

Underwater Half Crystals (33x17) (Square)

treasure gem crystal

Underwater Mushrooms! (17x33) (Clean)

mushrooms underwater confusion

Underwater Mushrooms! (17x33) (Square)

fungus underwater weird

Underwater Outcropping (33x17) (Clean)

rock underwater outcropping

Underwater Outcropping (33x17) (Square)

cliff underwater outcropping

Underwater Pit (22x17) (Clean)

sea pit seafloor

Underwater Pit (22x17) (Square)

ocean sinkhole seafloor

Underwater Ruins (33x17) (Clean)

ruins ancient atlantis

Underwater Ruins (33x17) (Square)

ruins atlantis collapse

Underwater Sea Crown (33x17) (Clean)

chamber temple neptune

Underwater Sea Crown (33x17) (Free)

temple neptune poseiden

Underwater Sea Crown (33x17) (Free) (1)

sea temple neptune

Underwater Sea Crown (33x17) (Square)

treasure ocean palace

Underwater Tunnels (34x22) (Clean)

water tomb tunnels

Underwater Tunnels (34x22) (Square)

water ocean underwater

Underwaterl Canyon (17x33) (Clean)

ocean canyon seafloor

Underwaterl Canyon (17x33) (Square)

ocean canyon seafloor

Aquatic Basin (33x17) (Clean)

chasm canyon basin

Aquatic Basin (33x17) (Square)

aquatic seaweed underwater

Aquatic Chasm (33x17) (Clean)

aquatic seaweed basin

Aquatic Chasm (33x17) (Square)

chasm underwater canyon

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