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Desert/Martian Outcropping & Alien Monoliths

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99
This Token Set is available in the following bundles

Okay, maybe it isn't. Frankly, a bunch of black, ominous obelisks conspicuously arranged in a semicircle could be anything. They might even be nothing! Because this map pack also has variants without them. Perhaps someone is loudly proclaiming from the top of the cliff. Maybe the party stopped to camp and had a surprise sprung on top of them? Whoever's got the high ground surely holds the advantage here.

The placement of rocky cliffs at the bottom of the map might suggest the presence of a southern cliff - turning the area into a canyon - it may also be unrelated rock formations. Perhaps this is a portion of a much larger, much grander cliff face.

All desert variants have both ordinary yellow desert and martian red desert variants, so you can have your weird-science campaigns or use this on alien worlds.

This map comes with the following major variants:

All variants are as follows:

All come with gridded and gridless versions.

78 Items Included in Desert/Martian Outcropping & Alien Monoliths

Desert Monoliths (33x17) (Clean) Mars

alien ruin monolith

Desert Monoliths Beams (33x17) (Clean) Mars

magic beam laser

Desert Monoliths (33x17) (Clean) Night

desert night cliff

Desert Monoliths (33x17) (Clean) Mars Night

pinnacle martian mars

Desert Monoliths Beams (33x17) (Clean) Mars Night

laser martian beams

Desert Monoliths Beams (33x17) (Clean)

desert rock outcrop

Desert Monoliths (33x17) (Clean)

ruin ancient obelisk

Desert Outcropping (33x17) (Clean) Mars Night

desert mars outcropping

Desert Outcropping (33x17) (Clean) Night

desert rocky outcropping

Desert Outcropping (33x17) (Clean)

rocky cliff outcropping

Desert Outcropping (33x17) (Clean) Mars

alien red planet

Bridge Ruin (33x17) (Clean) Mars

alien bridge ruins

Bridge Ruin Activated (33x17) (Clean) Mars Night

bridge river ruins

Bridge Ruin Activated (33x17) (Clean)

desert river stream

Bridge Ruin (33x17) (Clean) Night

desert stream ruins

Bridge Ruin (33x17) (Clean)

podium collapse lightbridge

Bridge Ruin Activated (33x17) (Clean) Mars

glowing magic active

Bridge Ruin Activated (33x17) (Clean) Night

alien ruin ancient

Bridge Ruin (33x17) (Clean) Mars Night

alien ruin ancient

River Outcropping (33x17) (Clean)

desert river creak

River Outcropping (33x17) (Clean) Mars Night

desert river martian

River Outcropping (33x17) (Clean) Mars

river water martian

River Outcropping (33x17) (Clean) Night

desert river reeds

Arctic Bridge Ruin Activated (33x17) (Clean) Night

arctic glacier glacial

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