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Roll20 Marketplace Product

The Sea Crown

Author: Miscellanea Maps

This art will be available in the Art Library of all your games. Can include tokens, figures, maps, token borders, or portraits.

Price: $6.99

Coral emperor need a grand treasure? Want a macguffin that keeps your temple afloat? Ever watched Temple of the Sea, and thought "that looks cool!"? You might be after my own heart. This map depicts a massive pearlescent chamber focusing primarily on a large crystalline stand, in which is embedded three rings of gigantic crystals. Gigantic, tempting, valuable crystals. What could go wrong?

In the source inspiration, the temple is to start collapsing when you begin removing crystals; the challenge then becomes to escape with as many as you think you can safely bring with you. For this reason, I have included the full matrix of possible flooding/crystal combinations! There are collapsing, stable, flooded, and underwater variants, plus 100%, 50%, and 0% crowns, and all possible permutations of these. But you don't have to have this be the trigger, of course. The empty crown might house horrible crystal demon insects, or fairies. The collapse might be triggered by something else. Maybe you're returning crystals, not stealing them.

Not good enough for you? There's acid variants too. Precious rivers of gold and coin. A brutalist concrete color scheme for an apocalyptic tone. Elf sanctuaries and a nightmare sigil! All the bases are covered. Take a look below!

This map comes with the following major variants:

All variants are as follows:

All maps come with gridded and gridless versions.

96 Items Included in The Sea Crown

Half Crystals (33x17) (Clean)

crystal crown stolen

Crystals Gone (33x17) (Clean)

thief theft steal

The Sea Crown (33x17) (Clean)

sea clam pearl

Elf Tree (33x17) (Clean)

elf elven palace

Elf Tree Burning (33x17) (Clean)

fire burning blaze

The Sea Focus Collapse Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

water collapse flooding

The Sea Focus (33x17) (Clean)

chamber temple palace

The Sea Focus Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

pool sink drain

The Sea Focus Collapse (33x17) (Clean)

ruins crumbling collapse

Underwater Chamber (33x17) (Clean)

chamber underwater dias

Astral Crown (33x17) (Clean)

space star astral

Astral Platform (33x17) (Clean)

magic nebula cosmos

Astral Stolen Crown (33x17) (Clean)

space magical crown

Astral Half-Crown (33x17) (Clean)

space throne void

Dead Concrete Temple (33x17) (Clean)

concrete ruin brutalist

Nightmare Heart (33x17) (Clean)

evil nightmare eldritch

For Gold, and Crowns of Gold (Clean)

gold ruby silver

Gold Stolen Crown (Clean)

treasure gems heist

Gold Half-Crown (Clean)

crystal missing heist

Acid Half-Crown (33x17) (Clean)

acid chemical vat

Acid Crown (33x17) (Clean)

pool poison toxin

Horrible Acid Pit (33x17) (Clean)

pool poison vat

Acid Missing Crown (33x17) (Clean)

pool platform poison

Crystals Gone Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

water crystal flooded

Half Crystals Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

sea ocean tide

The Sea Crown Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

pool tide crystal

The Sea Crown Collapsing Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

flooded spill flooding

Crystals Gone Collapsing Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

waterfall collapse cascade

Half Crystals Collapsing Flooded (33x17) (Clean)

water ocean crystal

Underwater Crystals Gone (33x17) (Clean)

depth abyss depths

Underwater Sea Crown (33x17) (Clean)

depth abyss void

Underwater Half Crystals (33x17) (Clean)

crystal underwater crown

Half Crystals Collapsing (33x17) (Clean)

device stolen plot

Crystals Gone Collapsing (33x17) (Clean)

sanctuary collapse breaking

The Sea Crown Collapsing (33x17) (Clean)

temple crumbling collapsing

Half Crystals (33x17) (Square)

trigger collapse stolen

The Sea Crown (33x17) (Square)

sea temple pokemon

Crystals Gone (33x17) (Square)

crystal stolen theft

Elf Tree (33x17) (Square)

elf ranger garden

Elf Tree Burning (33x17) (Square)

fire garden glade

The Sea Focus Collapse Flooded (33x17) (Square)

structure building platform

The Sea Focus Collapse (33x17) (Square)

waterfall ruins crumbling

The Sea Focus Flooded (33x17) (Square)

temple underwater flooding

The Sea Focus (33x17) (Square)

pit fall underwater

Underwater Chamber (33x17) (Square)

platform balcony underwater

Astral Crown (33x17) (Square)

power crown astral

Astral Stolen Crown (33x17) (Square)

broken power generator

Astral Platform (33x17) (Square)

space astral stellar

Astral Half-Crown (33x17) (Square)

star station starfaring

Dead Concrete Temple (33x17) (Square)

dead apocalyptic creepy

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