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September 2022 Update and Relaunch!

Awakened Stones & Awakened Stones 2: Now with a Google sheets based tracker for your awakened stones, making it far simpler to manage your collection. Rather than fiddling with a Journal note, instead simply select from dropdowns and make it simpler to handle your conduits and collection.

The Cyclopean Miscellany: Rather than dealing with static tables, now all content from the addon has been created in Rollable Tables and linked Macros. Now simply open the Table of Contents and click the link to have a new tavern name, castle fortification, or adventuring party title directly rolled and output into the Chat.

Welcome to Shadetown: Now with updated and fixed NPC and PNPC character sheets, and all content now correctly uses the Compendium to directly incorporate rules, spells, equipment, and more in the simplest and most accurate way available.

Six Shady Windows: A whole new addon for Welcome to Shadetown! Ten new plot hooks are available to the player and a whole new corner of Shadetown is available to explore. Create new stories between one player and a DM and perhaps spy on your neighbors while you are doing it.

Cyclopean Publishing Company logo and all header image art is courtesy of Pat Roach.