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Welcome to Shadetown

Author: The Cyclopean Publishing Company $12.99

An Adventure Custom Tailored for a Single Player

No one knows why the gods left the world, but none can deny they have returned as heroes of great renown have somehow achieved apotheosis and formed a new pantheon. No corner of the world has been left untouched and as a sleepy backwater town finds itself at the center of a magical resource grab, one person may be able to help guide its fate.

Welcome to Shadetown is an adventure for a single player and game master, taking the character from level 3 to 5. This module is perfect for a deep and immersive narrative gameplay experience between a player and their game master, or as a supplement to a more traditional group campaign, offering one character the opportunity to continue playing between group sessions.

This module emphasizes flexibility, providing a group of fully statted NPCs that can act as backup for the player in their adventures; should the players get into a situation where they could really use a cleric at their back, that is easily possible. The adventure proscribes no gameplay style; go in swinging, investigate situations as they arise, or charm your way through situations, whatever feels right for the player.

In addition, the full content of the Awakened Stones addon is included, providing a wealth of fully modular magical items for the player to allow further customization options and giving them a little extra power boost in their solo adventuring.

Also contains all content from the Awakened Stones addon.

System: D&D 5e
Starting Level: 3
Length: Epic Adventure (6-10 sessions)
Features: Tokens with Stats, NPC Character Sheets

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