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The Cyclopean Miscellany

Author: The Cyclopean Publishing Company $4.99

A Wealth of Tables to Help Roleplayers Make Decisions

This addon provides a wide variety of tables that players and game masters can roll on to assist in making decisions, coming up with names, or just figuring out who has to sort out ordering food. This addon is great for players in aiding character creation, determining names, appearances, appellations, and weapon choices, as well as being a boon for game masters in helping them come up with plot ideas such as gods, story seeds, apocalypses, notable locations in the world, magical items as well as names for things like taverns, ships and cities.

In total there are 52 unique tables covering a massive variety of topics, that can be rolled on to leave decisions up to chance, or simply perused to help facilitate the creative process. While some of the tables lend themselves best to D&D 5e, this addon will be useful for any fantasy setting.

i Can only be used with Roll20; cannot be downloaded.

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